Ive recently discovered that I may have fear of choking/not being able to swallow -
I have a sore throat & last night I woke up panicked that I couldn’t breathe/swallow & almost hyperventilated. Tonight I woke up and had the feeling that my throat was too tight to breathe & swallow. It might just be because of the sore throat, but I’ve never experienced this before.
What should I do?
I have so many mental health problems already & I really don’t want this to be an ongoing problem

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Panic Disorder

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  • momiim


    go to the hospital if you can afford it. better safe than sorry. hope u feel better!

  • Ellammk


    It’s definitely just anxiety- it’s a very mild sore throat, which I’ve had many times, but it’s triggering my Emetophobia that I’ve had since I was a kid. I guess my throat feeling dry and swollen is making me nauseous, which leads to panic

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