Hi there, I feel like I can never win with having type 1 and ADHD. Looking for tips to help manage my blood sugars better, or any tips really. Or just a conversation! 🤠

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  • JX


    I’m not exactly diagnosed with adhd but I pace around my house a ton lol Are you experiencing highs or lows?

  • Nimbus


    Maybe your insulin pump isn’t for you. Have you considered moving to another? Plus, did you meet with a nutritionist? I did and it really changed my perspective on my diet

  • chronicallysassy


    hey!! i was just diagnosed with adhd after having diabetes for 7 years! message me if you wanna help each other through it lol.

  • Smiley321


    Hi I also have type 1 and ADD

  • Smiley321


    And would be looking to connect

  • KandLion


    I've been a diabetic for 9 years and diagnosed with ADHD for 3! I've found that in order to help treat your blood sugar, have your insulin easily accessible. Mine is in an open case on my desk, easy access. Make it as effortless to reach as possible. Leave it visible so you are reminded to check, too! And if you have a CGM, try to build a habit of checking it and when you do, immediately correct! That's why leaving the kit open and available helps. It is a lot easier to motivate yourself to get up, walk 5 feet and take insulin than it is to motivate yourself to get up, walk to the kitchen (or wherever you store your insulin supplies) and then get it. Make it as effortless as possible and then just work to build a habit around it!

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