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Does anyone have dyscalculia?

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    • law26


      Not officially diagnosed yet but the signs have been there for legit years.

    • law26


      Not officially diagnosed yet but the signs have been there for legit years.

    • charntelle


      I do

    • Saillea


      I didn't find out I have it until my late 30's and I have to say it was a relief. I've been terrified of math of any kind my whole life. It took until my teens to finally start writing numbers correctly (not backwards) and I still question myself about them. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are especially hard for me. My bachelor's degree is in general studies because I had to avoid math classes and all the other programs required various levels of algebra. Yeah, that's impossible. I did manage to barely pass pre-algebra after 3 attempts and 6 different tutors...only because my professor ended up letting me use notes to get through it. It's so embarrassing to be an adult that still counts on her fingers and has absolutely no concept of distance or time. I'm glad that there are so many of you who understand. It's hard to find anyone who gets it.

    • depressedunicorn


      I do undiagnosed but I have all the signs

    • MirandasUniverse


      I'm late but I also have it. Its very hard and embarrassing, I panic whenever someone asks me the time and there's only an analog clock nearby. I don't know my lefts and rights, I get lost all the time because people tell me "turn left, and then go straight, it's on the right." Literally the only thing I understood in that sentence was go straight. If someone asks me even a simple math problem like 6+7, I have to use my fingers, which can be so awkward if I'm around someone new or that I'm interested in. I'm terrible at knowing length of time, like I don't know how much time as passed between certain events. I'm very uncoordinated, which I think probably is because of the dyscalculia. I could go on but yes, the struggle IS real lmao. I wish more people knew about this.

    • JojiOwl


      Well, I'm 22 yo, my condition is like I can't hold a job even though I really need to work. I can't organize numbers, no notion of distance estimate, measurements or any activities that'd require a sense of logic. When confronted I end up being uncontrollably nervous and the anxiety takes over. The struggle is real and it feels like I am the only person on earth with this condition... If anybody out there identify at least a bit alike, please, let's try and comunicate to help each other out

    • KickIt17


      Yeah I’ve got it

    • CraZinventor


      I've been looking for other people who have it. I assume you have it? Idk if your profile is still active, but if it is, please feel free to contact me and talk about it.

    • CraZinventor


      I do!

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