I started taking gabapentin back in 2019 to treat my vulvodynia pain, and over time it's lowered my libido. I'm looking for alternative treatments and am wondering if anyone has been successful with anything else? Possibly gabapentin compound creams? I've also taken citalopram in the past for the pain but I had the same side effects and discontinued it for that reason.


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  • Lake.Front.Lovely


    Oh my gosh! I didn’t connect the dots but I’ve been having this same problem

  • ghettooyster


    Thanks for your response, angsty! I don't think a muscle relaxer would do much good for me either, as I've had my pelvic floor muscles checked and they're not abnormally tight or anything. Do you have the specific percentage of actives for the compound cream? I just moved to a rural area away from my specialist, so I'm going to have to see a less informed doctor going forward, and have the specific dosage would be great so I know what to ask for.

  • Avril_Blackrose



  • Nikie


    I’m on Amitriptylin and a compound cream with estradiol lidocaine Aloe gel and I also take magnesium

  • Leahhhh


    I would strongly recommend trying pelvic floor physical therapy and vaginal dilators. It helped me a lot with my vulvodynia pain. Not sure if this applies to you, but I went off of birth control pills and all of my symptoms disappeared

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