I’m heavily debating getting a wheelchair for my fibromyalgia when I go out. There are some days where I can go out with my cane and be perfectly fine, and there are others where my joints will already be hurting like hell before I even leave the house. I can walk short distances around the house without a cane, but can’t go out without one. There are days where I’m already in a lot of pain after just walking a block, but I live with a family member and they said that I don’t need it because I can walk perfectly fine with a cane, and even then using the cane is “being overdramatic.” Thoughts?

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I relate so much! I also can do short distances without a cane at home (where there are walls and furniture to grab if need be) and short, yet longer than home, distances with a cane out and about. I never leave house without my cane. However, I cannot go like shopping without my wheelchair. It is so painful and fatigue inducing. Especially if I’m already in pain/fatigued. I can so much more thanks to my wheelchair. Never listen to someone else’s opinions on what you can or cannot do. They don’t know your body. You know your body. Chronic illness is very complex and most people can’t comprehend it unless they live with it. If you think it’s a good option for you, then do it.

  • royalty


    Get what you think will be most helpful. If that family member was in the amount of pain you are in every day, I garauntee they would be complaining your ear off all the time. I plan on buying a wheelchair for my pain even if it'll earn me looks from family members who don't think it's "that bad." If you think it will help, absolutely get a wheelchair. Your wellbeing trumps their comfort.

  • tpwkindness


    I totally relate to family members minimizing my pain- often times when I’m out and have reached my limit with walking I will hop onto the motorized wheelchairs at stores and I’ve had family members criticize me for taking them away from people that “actually need it”. it’s frustrating because I actually need it too!!! it fuels my anxiety big time but I have learned that it’s better to do what is best for me rather than worrying about what other people think. Listen to your body!!! Only you know how you’re feeling. I have found it helpful to just stop explaining myself to people that aren’t my doctor. No explanation needed- I don’t care if they are family. The only explanation I give is that I am listening to my body and doing what I feel is best.

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