What has worked best for you in terms of reducing inflammation/pain?

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  • Snwuggl


    In terms of uveitis, I’m on Remicade and methotrexate right now which have kept me quiet for almost two years now. I still have joint issues, which are now worse because I have been working from home and sit for long periods of time.

  • Snwuggl


    Any tips of your own?

  • Rosie_Posey


    Warm packs have actually been my lifesaver! Still learning what else helps!

  • Samsambinks


    Heating blanket! Weighted blanket! Try stretching when you can or walk around to lube up the joints

  • Novasmom


    I typically try to stretch out and personally humira has worked best for keeping my eyes and joints quiet. The only downside of that for me is that I feel tired the next day.

  • Lovey


    I love heated pads and staying hydrated but what I find helps a lot when I have bad inflammation is tart cherry juice (real cherry juice) I have bad inflammation in my knees almost every day of my life and going on walk on a treadmill on a incline really helps!

  • MLee


    Honestly I'm not usually into big medications but methotrexate has been a lifesaver for me so far, along with an anti inflammatory diet. At first I struggled with the adjustments but honestly once you're used to it it's so freeing to be able to walk up stairs again. If those are too big of life changes I reccomend stretching after long periods of sitting still and definitely heat packs/pads!

  • kiriohs


    heating pads and pain relieving patches are a life saver!

  • Mothra


    Heating pads are the absolute BEST when it comes to inflammation or pain, but some other recommendations I have are to stretch a lot and often and warm baths to soothe and relax those joints

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