Do you suffer from hallucinations as a symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?


Bipolar Disorder

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  • BlueDahlia


    I have suffered from hallucinations and delusions before due to psychosis from Bipolar Disorder, but it's been a long time.

  • Jadie


    Yes. Mine have subtle warping to my reality like colors being too vivid and my body being longer. The voices I hear at night also come out stronger when depressed and when Im too wired and tired when manic. Music hallucinations also happen which is not fun because sometimes its a good sound then sometimes its circus music for three hours and I wanna cry. The more manic the more out of touch I get.

  • SapleMyrup


    I have had auditory hallucinations where I heard voices shrieking constantly

  • doobie


    i have had moderate psychosis but never hallucinations stemming from the disorder

  • AndreaCleoRose


    Yes! I have hallucinations as well as delusions. I have bipolar with psychotic features

  • ASulSul


    Yes! My vision changes (everything either changes color or gets really sharp looking) and I also have hallucinations where there's bugs under my skin!

  • KREEkree


    Yeah, I deal with shadows. I'm not talking about, y'know, shadows, but black masses that aren't there for other people and move around.

  • slothsoul



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