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Any diet/meal suggestions? Had my thyroid out jan 2021, have had a really hard time with meds getting adjusted to it, and I became anemic from just everything going on. Im tired all the time, and my anemia is still jusssssttt about transfusable levels…so I want to try and get my energy back up. But I know diet is super important with thyroids. I’m fairly gluten free as is, and I make sure not to take any iron/calcium until 4 hours after I’ve taken my synthroid. But, I’m just…at a loss on how to even start the idea of following a proper diet that works with this whole thing.

    • Dede1981


      I know how you feel I have had iron deficiency anemia for a little over 3 years I have had multiple iron infusions, some of which have made me sick after. 2 years ago they found multiple goiters in my thyroid and they were growing at a crazy rate each time I received iron it was like they grew in size. Last year after I pushed and pushed because I was choking because my thyroid was pushing on everything, they finally sent me to an endocrinologist after 2 fna that were inconclusive, as soon as he did an ultrasound he knew my thyroid needed removed. My iron is still messed up and I feel so tired

    • ItsTheSarcasm


      I appreciate the message! Sorry it took me a bit to get back! I love spinach and use that as my lettuce for anything id use greens in. And i try to eat meat when i can (i went a while during my last pregnancy and up until a few months ago where it made me sick). And i try to do as many vitamin c and nutrients as i can to make my body better st absorping stuff. And its just not seeming to make a difference and i just wanna run around with my kids. Uggggh.

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