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I was diagnosed 4-5yrs ago I have been taking metformin 1500mg for iy since and it hasn't done anything for me. My weight has also been increasing even though I don't eat unhealthy and only eat when my alarm goes off because I have adhd and tend to forget the time. My glucose level also has always been normal even before metformin so I don't think I have an insulin problem. I'm planning on seeing an endocrinologist soon because my obgyn told me that this is all she can do is give me metformin. I was thinking about testing testosterone and HBA1C level before I see the doctor as well. My periods have been every month since 7 years ago but they are short and light. What other meds are you guys taking so I can ask my doctor about them as well.

    • annieb


      Metformin is the worst PCOS treatment I’ve taken by far. I was diagnosed 5 years ago as well and was taking metformin and it made Me so sick. I have low blood sugar as well so I don’t believe I have an insulin problem, but because I am overweight, regardless of my blood sugar, my gyno always forced metformin on me. Just recently I switched gynecologists and she took me off metformin and put me on a new birth control made for PCOS patients called Slynd. It is very expensive due to it being brand new and there are no generic brands yet but fortunately I got a three month supply for free from my doctor. It keeps a lot of the symptoms away but I also take 50mg of Spironolactone for the cystic acne and facial hair growth. Because of Slynd, I got my first period in a year and a half! It’s light and easy thankfully! But compared to the metformin…I highly recommend the Slynd and the Spironolactone! Best wishes on your journey! ❤️

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