Has anyone gotten Botox for migraines? I’m considering it since a slew of different meds has had less and less efficacy in preventing and stopping my migraines over the years.



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  • Kaedlyn


    I have always wondered about it but I have never done it. I was recently prescribed Nurtec ODT and that really helped me. Many rescue meds make me sick to my stomach or don’t do much but I had no noticeable side effects from Nurtec and it usually does get rid of my migraine in about 30 minutes to an hour after taking the medication.

  • Therapy.Kat


    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve never been on Nurtec. I’ll bring it up at my next neurologist appt.

  • Kaedlyn


    I hope it helps you if your doctor prescribes it for you!

  • _opaline_


    I have! It helps me definitely but it sort of depends where your migraine pain is located in your head, like mine is around my left ear, whole left side of my face, and around the back of my head & neck, so it helps with some of the painful areas but not all of them, but it’s certainly better than nothing especially bc I’ve tried basically every other migraine treatment available.

  • ChronicIllnessMomma


    I did it three times, the first it slightly helped the next to it did nothing but I had to do those two times to have it be considered as not effective

  • Shelleee


    I’m getting my first Botox treatment in a couple of weeks . Praying that it helps . Right now I take ubrelvy and sumatriptan and sometimes they don’t even work it’s very frustrating to say the least

  • Slicks


    I got my first round of Botox about a month ago and other than making my eyebrows and eyelids swell up and freezing motion on my forehead I haven’t noticed much of a difference ☹️ I’m trying another round in a couple months though. Nurtec has really helped me but only as a rescue medicine. I tried taking it as a preventative after it was approved and it really upset my stomach, but I also have a whole host of stomach issues so it could have been playing into that. Give nurtec a try!

  • NurseSparkles


    I have gotten it in the past. I would get less migraines than without it

  • Wander


    I have gotten Botox for my migraines it didn't work for me but it has worked for a lot of other people I would definitely try it you have to try anything that could help

  • OxyPox


    I'm getting my first injection treatment in 4 (four) days.

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