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Hey everyone, in the past year I have been diagnosed bicornuate uterus I was wondering if anyone had anything similar they would like to talk about and their experiences with it. Thanks in advanced!

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    • cady.gracex


      i have uterus didelphis. it’s not the same but i can relate to some of the problems you must have experienced 🫶🏻

    • cady.gracex


      i have uterus didelphis. it’s not the same but i can relate to some of the problems you must have experienced 🫶🏻

    • Allie319


      I have a unicornuate uterus. Not the same but still here for you 💕

    • Ameg


      I’m sorry to all those who found out in such a crappy way. I found out in high school. I didn’t get my first period til I was 16.5. I have other medical issues so just figured it was somewhat related. But my periods were super irregular, heavy slow and super painful cramps. Which then started to be cramps a week before and after period as well. Went to ob/gyn. Had tests done and found out about the forked uterus (and was put on birth control to regulate things which helped.) I want to say I was still 17 or 18 when all this went down and she told me it might be hard for me to have kids. If I do conceive, I have a higher chance of miscarriage. I always wanted kids and somehow kinda always did want to adopt ever since I was a little kid. I didn’t know how to fully process it. Kinda felt less of a woman and it mentally hindered me in relationships. I did finally find my current boyfriend who is ok with trying or adopting since he was adopted. I do kinda think there should be some better ways to relay this news and help women process it better. Sending hugs to all! 💜

    • littlerolls


      I found out i had a bicornuate uterus when i was sick of all the birth control side effects and went in to get the hormone-free IUD. My lady doctor said “oh you don’t qualify because of your heart shaped uterus.” I asked about it and she super casually said “so you most likely won’t ever be able to have children. If you conceive they’ll die.” I hysterically cried all day and my dad even cried and held me. It was the worst news to receive as a woman that’s always wanted kids. And especially to be told in such a ridiculous way, by a woman! I changed doctors and reported her. I have been stressed for years about it and no doctors will do anything because I’m not trying to conceive right now. Anyway, i recently had a new doctor and i told her about the situation and she basically said that doctor is super dramatic and wrong. and also said.. About 60% of women with this carry to full term. Miscarriage is highly likely because they only have half the space to grow, but it’s not certain. 60% is a wonderful percentage! There is a surgery, but it is very invasive and not recommended until you’ve already miscarried. Otherwise the surgery can cause problems if you have it before ever trying to have kids. Plus it’s possible to carry to full term so getting the surgery preemptively is not recommended.

    • avyana


      I have a double uterus, it's like 2 ovaries, 2 tubes(I had to get one removed so 1 now I was born with 2) and 2 separate uterus and 1 cervix. I had some issues with fertility but after some loss I have 2 babies. I get 2 periods a month.

      • TrumpetSlayer


        @avyana I have this as well but I have 2 cervixes and 2 vaginal canals. I also have an extra utter tube on my left side. Luckily I only have 1 period a month but it's hard to use things like tampons. I don't have kids yet but wish to in the future and have been told I'll have complications.

    • fr053n


      Same here. I’m afraid of the ability to carry babies to term and if I ever get pregnant. Would love to hear some positive outcomes

    • Goddess1177


      I’m so sorry to hear that’s how you found out! Something similar happened to me, really bad and heavy periods. Along with being irregular I got an ultrasound done and sure enough.

    • Sleepyandsad


      Same here. Was in the ER for stomach pain, got an ultrasound to rule things out, and the doctor said something along the lines of: “well with the bicornuate uterus it’s hard to tell so….etc etc”, assuming I had already known. I was 21 and did NOT know. Was super shocked and scared.

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