Any advice for maintaining a romantic relationship with Bipolar Disorder Type 1?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Jadie


    Education and communication. Educating your partner on how bipolar impacts you specifically, how you manage it, and having an open dialogue. Everyone will handle their episodes a bit differently. Sometimes you just want to try to enjoy the activity youre in despite being in a depressive episode. Sometimes doing a safe activity with your partner while manic can be a good experience. But there are other types of episodes where sometimes its for the best to spend a little alone time to focus on your self maintenance. Irritability is a bitch and I rather not accidentally snap even if my partner is understanding. If they understand you communicating if you are in an episode can also help as teamwork is amazing coping skill. I would ride my waves and we would work with it. Ive been unmedicated and medicated in my relationship and things were good either way. The open communication kept it that way.

  • CourageGurl1219


    Be upfront about it and explain it to them. Answer any questions they have. Take things slow so they can see the good and the bad.

  • FlowerGirl


    Both of your comments are good advice! It was too much for my first boyfriend but that was because my symptoms got bad after 1.5 years of dating. I guess its easier when you can explain having bipolar disorder right off the bat. I’m just scared that someone will not accept me :(

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