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Today I went to the rheumatologist and just officially got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’m glad it’s not an autoimmune issue. Also my iron levels are low. I feel sort of relieved but also tired. I just don’t want to be in pain anymore and tired and depressed and anxious. What has helped you cope?

    • thepatrynreader


      Hey love, I’m grateful you have a diagnosis! It can be so hard to get one (or many), and while there’s still a road ahead on figuring out what pain management and fibromyalgia mitigation works best for you, there’s hope! I’m sure they’ll recommend medications to try. It’s worth trying what’s recommended and if you can get a doctor you can see or be in contact with regularly while trying and titrating meds, the process of adjusting or getting off meds that make symptoms worse hopefully will be much easier than not. I’ve done CBT therapy for coping with pain. It doesn’t reduce the pain for me, but it does allow me to remain more resilient longer and to know how to fill my resilience wellspring; it helps with the demoralization of the chronic pain for me. If you’re able to do “small” gentle movements or activities you enjoy, try to do them when you can. Brain fog stops me from doing a lot of what I’d like, so I rewatch shows, re-listen to books and replay games so I’m not so infuriatingly bored and don’t induce more migraines or fatigue that I get with new content. Also, please take hope that some people are able to find amazingly effective treatments or management super quickly (which is rad! I’m not one of those folks) and you may, too!

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