i’ve been forgetting to take my meds the past week (whoops) which would typically lead to me spiraling and a visit to the ER but i actually feel fine. like i feel more myself like just more clear ??? if that makes sense ?? and i haven’t really had any bad run ins with my depression. anxiety’s a different story but still it’s weird. should i wingoff my meds soon u think ??


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  • jules_mary1


    well i don’t think that would be wise. spiraling and going to the ER is not a good outcome. maybe you can see about changing your meds since they seem to make you feel less like yourself. whatever you do, talking to your doctor/seeking a psychiatrist (if you don’t have one already) is going to be your best option.

  • ctrl_chaos


    yeah i guess ur right. this is the second med ive tried, first was lexapro i believe and it just didn’t help but the zoloft does, it just kinda evens out my mood so much that i feel it takes away from my personality. but ur right I will def mention it to my therapist/psychiatrist

  • shrimpy


    Definitely talk to doctor about waning off the medication! Don’t go in cold. If they agree they’ll set up a schedule to help you! I’ve tried Zoloft in the past but lexapro is something I’m on now, so vice versa stories for us haha!

  • ajar


    I stopped taking my medication for a couple years because I felt fine, and then suddenly in a span of like 2 months my depression came back and sent me absolutely spiraling, I ended up dropping out of college. I don't know what triggered it after all that time, if anything specificly did. I'd talk to a doctor and continuously record your moods if you guys decide you should stop taking your meds so you can stay ahead of it if things start getting bad again

  • O1100010


    Def meet with ur doctor before making any big decisions (depends on ur dosage) I know for me one day off my meds I get rlly depressed and 2 days I get rlly motivated to like change my life and start clean, but normally by day three it’s all down hill, so I’d jump back on meds (with caution) if I were in your shoes

  • Lizzle


    That’s the tricky things about meds - we get to feeling good on them and then when we miss taking a dose or two and things don’t feel that different, we think we don’t need them anymore. Medications have different half lives, so even if we take a pill every two hours or so, the meds may be effective beyond that time. We dose so we don’t go without. We may feel especially good if we’re in a calm period of our lives, but as soon as we run into trouble, we’re buggered again. Chemical imbalances in the brain aren’t likely to re-balance without something unlikely happening. Why would you want off the meds if they’re working? Definitely talk to your doctor about whether it’s a good idea to get off the meds and how you should wean off.

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