I just experienced my first complete dislocation. It was my knee, and was extremely painful and scary. My joints constantly sublux, but this complete dislocation occurred and was out of place for a full 3 hours before it was reset at a hospital. I am now recovering but i cannot put any weight on the leg, and it is very painful. Do others have any tips for prevention? Or tips for the recovery portion of these injuries??

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • TreePerson


    Use a brace or neoprene !

  • EDSwarrior


    I get many subluxations in my knees as well. I use KTtape to keep my knees in place so they don’t sublux as easily. (you can look up youtube videos to show you how to tape your knees) if my hEDS is flaring up badly I also sleep with knee braces on because my knees tend to slip out of place the most while I’m sleeping. I also suggest using ice & take some advil to get the swelling down, i hope this helped!!

  • TreePerson


    @edswarior tape doesn’t work for me cause of how stretchy my skin is. Idk about the original poster tho

  • Koda


    Don’t push your body. Chances are the more you push your body before it is ready the more likely something else will be injured. Knee braces help so does kt tape

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