Anyone else have brain fog so severe it interferes with being able to converse? It feels like a huge struggle just to get coherent sentences out sometimes

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  • PugsSlugsSnails


    Noun retrieval has never been harder. I’m also really isolated these days so conversation is generally tough from being out of practice

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    This is so me!

  • Junemarie


    The people who know me have patience and understand. But I get super embarrassed when I have to talk to people I don't know outside

  • CaliDreamer


    YES!!! On my off days I can’t say grammatically correct sentences. I can’t even think of an example but I’ll say the weirdest things like “I want to hungry” instead of “I am hungry I want to eat” It’s been happening so much lately it’s weirding me out. I’m also a speech therapist so it’s fascinating. Glad I’m not the only one!!!!

  • meatball


    I have ME/CFS, and I get awful brain fog when I overexert myself mentally/physically/emotionally. It wouldn't be a bad idea to see if there are certain stressors that make your brain fog worse. I had to stop taking classes, as studying was making it impossible to think or speak. Since then, my brain fog has significantly improved.

  • StrongZebra85


    Yeah sometimes but my neurologist prescribed Ritalin and he told me to do brain exercises on the Lumosity app so it’s been helping a bit

  • Hope91


    I find myself being less and less social because it's so hard for me to keep up with the conversation.

  • Birdies


    Yes, I will completely forget where I am/what I am doing/what I am saying sometimes in the middle of a sentence/activity. For one it's embarrassing and two sometimes people think I'm faking it for attention which really makes me upset and frustrated

  • Jadie


    Yes. And while i have a speech disorder and other learning disabilities, it is still obvious when its my POTS affecting me. I have to sit down if I have a conversation that lasts longer than 30 seconds or I cant do it. And talking makes me so POTSy.

  • Persephone9


    Yes! POTS is a big contributor for me. Blood flows away from my limbs and brain so I get these “episodes” where my brain is so deprived of blood flow that I get confused, dissociate, and can hardly speak or follow a conversation. It’s rough out here! 😂

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