Posts on Alike for July 2022

  1. How did your trichotillomania start?
  2. Using a Cane for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
  3. UTI or Something Else? Help!
  4. Can You Have Both CRPS and Fibromyalgia?
  5. Best Specialist for PCOS Treatment?
  6. Feeling Sick After Taking Medication
  7. Teaching with Multiple Sclerosis: Any Advice?
  8. Skipping ADHD Meds on Weekends - Is it Worth It?
  9. Suspected POTS, Normal Blood Pressure: What's Next?
  10. Experiencing Brain Fog and Switching - Need Advice
  11. Looking for Support with EoE Treatments and Life
  12. Feeling Lonely with Depression: Any Suggestions?
  13. Alternative Treatments for Asthma?
  14. Dealing with Facial Hair and Ingrown Hairs
  15. When were you diagnosed with Bipolar?
  16. Dealing with Grief: Is Being Numb Normal?
  17. Mobility after Lumbar Stenosis Surgery
  18. Share Your Delusions
  19. Ice Cold Leg - Medical Advice Needed
  20. Nerve Damage After Spinal Fusion: Seeking Advice
  21. Navigating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  22. Alternative ways to manage A.D.D.
  23. Dealing with Anxiety While Driving
  24. Tips for Managing Chronic Pain and Daily Tasks
  25. Struggling to maintain TSH levels
  26. Looking for advice on POTS diagnosis and specialists
  27. Feeling Good One Moment, Then Everything Crashes Down
  28. When did you start using mobility aids with Ehlers-danlos?
  29. Need help getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome
  30. How to talk to your doctor about Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  31. Looking for Support and Advice from Others with Similar Conditions
  32. How to Manage Anxiety and Stress
  33. Papillary Thyroid Cancer and Lymph Nodes
  34. Struggling to Catch My Breath
  35. Struggling with Poor Diet and Fatigue
  36. Finding Balance with Chronic Pain and Fibro
  37. Undiagnosed Symptoms and Normal BPM Rate
  38. Combating PMDD Symptoms with Antidepressants and Birth Control
  39. Managing COPD: Tips for Staying Healthy
  40. Is Depression a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis?
  41. Recommendations for online therapy?
  42. Unbearable Chronic Pain in Elbow and Hip
  43. Giving Up Caffeine: Anyone Else Struggling?
  44. Dealing with Migraines: What's Your First Move?
  45. Desperately Seeking Psoriasis Solution
  46. Chronic Pain and Fatigue: Is It Normal to Feel Tired All the Time?
  47. Endometriosis: Heavy Bleeding vs Painful Periods
  48. Dealing with Nausea: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  49. Tips for Losing Weight with PCOS
  50. Looking for Advice on Medications for Bipolar Type 2
  51. Struggling to Accept My Type One Diabetes Diagnosis
  52. Struggling to Recognize Emotions: Seeking Advice
  53. Effective Zoloft dosage for OCD?
  54. Dealing with Emotional Outbursts in Relationships
  55. Need help with easing my excruciating migraines
  56. Summer and POTS: Anyone Else Struggling?
  57. Tips for a More Comfortable CT Scan with Contrast Stuff
  58. Long-term COVID Symptoms: Any Hope for Improvement?
  59. Finding a Reliable Therapist for Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  60. Panic Attack While Driving: What Should I Do?
  61. Living Through My Friend: Coping with Disability
  62. Tips for Exercising with Hypermobile Joints and Fatigue
  63. Chronic Left Leg Pain and Stiffness
  64. Dietary changes for POTS symptoms
  65. Preventing Seizures: Is it Possible?
  66. Need tips for going gluten-free
  67. Dealing with SSRI Side Effects
  68. Menstruating on Continuous Birth Control
  69. Looking for advice on Accutane and other acne treatments
  70. How to End a Panic Attack: Tips and Tricks
  71. Getting Permanent Birth Control: A Relief and a Challenge
  72. Gaining Water Weight After Starting Hypothyroidism Medication
  73. Feeling Empty Around Friends: Seeking Advice
  74. Need help managing POTS symptoms
  75. Dealing with Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania
  76. Constant Nausea Keeping Me Up at Night
  77. Should I seek alternative help for my undiagnosed mental illness?
  78. Struggling with ADHD Symptoms and Misdiagnosis
  79. Stuck in a Cycle of PT and Meds, Possible EDs
  80. Struggling with IBS: Need Help!
  81. Help with POTS Symptoms
  82. Itchy hands and feet - any advice?
  83. Lexapro and Weight Gain: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  84. Alcohol Tolerance and POTS: Is There a Connection?
  85. How Many Health Conditions Do You Have?
  86. Struggling to Make Friends with Depression and Anxiety
  87. Struggling with PCOS and Trying to Conceive
  88. Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
  89. Trying Marijuana While on Prozac: Is it Safe?
  90. Seeking Advice for Back Issues and Stenosis
  91. Considering Double Mastectomy Due to BRCA1 Gene
  92. Big Emotional Outbursts: Normal or Not?
  93. Developing Personal Health Independence
  94. Dealing with Tactile Hallucinations
  95. Help with POTS Diagnosis and College Prep
  96. Dealing with Nonstop Heartburn: Tips and Tricks
  97. Struggling with Summer Heat and Health
  98. Feeling out of breath with GERD: is it normal?
  99. Struggling to Wake Up in the Morning
  100. Seeking Answers for Infected Sore on Right Breast
  101. Coping with Anxiety: Natural Remedies vs Medication
  102. Struggling with Weight Loss and Anxiety
  103. Dealing with IBS and Anxiety: Can Caffeine be a Trigger?
  104. Trazodone making me feel exhausted
  105. Should I Get Reassessed for ADHD?
  106. My Journey with ADHD: From Misunderstood Teen to Self-Improvement
  107. Muscle Pain and Fibromyalgia: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  108. Suspecting Ankylosing Spondylitis: Seeking Advice
  109. Struggling to Drive with Cognitive Issues: How Do You Manage?
  110. Sudden Chest Pain and Headache - Migraine Related?
  111. Dealing with Trich: Coping Strategies
  112. Link between PCOS and Birth Control?
  113. White spot on finger, should I be concerned?
  114. Coping with Seizure-Related Embarrassment
  115. Concerns about possible DID
  116. Can Fitness Trackers Help Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  117. Coping with Depression: Tips and Advice
  118. New to the group, struggling with RA
  119. Struggling with Narcolepsy: Need Advice
  120. Sharp rib pain after scoliosis surgery hardware removal
  121. Suboxone Withdrawal - Does Anyone Else Not Experience Severe Withdrawals?
  122. Lexapro Side Effects: Anxiety and Inability to Cry
  123. Managing Endometriosis Pain: Seeking Advice
  124. Possible Stroke from Adderall?
  125. Occipital Lymph Node Swelling After COVID Booster Shot
  126. Finding Coping Mechanisms for Bipolar Episodes
  127. Struggling with eating habits, need advice
  128. Why Can't I Cry? Feeling Pain and Sadness Without Tears
  129. Navigating My Mental Health Journey
  130. Struggling with Sleep Anxiety
  131. Dealing with Heart Palpitations for 14 Years
  132. Struggling with Negative Thoughts
  133. Positive Coping Techniques for Anxiety
  134. 30 Years of Living with RA: My Strategies for Pain Management
  135. My 4 Year Medical Struggle
  136. Dealing with Chest Pain from Panic Disorder
  137. Tips for managing hair pulling and regrowing hair?
  138. Doubting my diagnosis before starting DBT therapy
  139. Anxiety and High Blood Pressure: Anyone Else?
  140. New member seeking advice on chronic pain and dizziness
  141. Chest Pains and Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  142. Dealing with Folliculitis: Any Advice?
  143. Exploring Mental Health Diagnosis Options
  144. Do I Need Help for Complex PTSD?
  145. My Bones Hurt: What Could Be the Cause?
  146. Experiencing Episodes of Confusion and Blurriness
  147. Struggling with Blood Sugar Control During Illness
  148. Need advice on endometriosis treatment options
  149. New to weight loss journey, seeking motivation and support
  150. Dealing with Health Issues: Hormone Imbalance, Kidney Stones, and Migraines
  151. Dealing with Exhaustion and Irritability
  152. Dealing with Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  153. Struggling with Brain Fog and Exhaustion
  154. Random Panic Attacks: What's Going On?
  155. Genetic and Nutritional Factors in Depression
  156. Sharp Back Pain - Need Advice
  157. Which Doctor Should I See for Genetic Mutation?
  158. Managing Crohn's Disease with Humira Pen and Low Fat Diet
  159. Dealing with Mental Health Stigma in the Family
  160. Melatonin causing exhaustion?
  161. Finding Friends with Mental Health Issues and Alcoholism
  162. Finding the Right Medication: How Many Did You Try?
  163. Looking for ADHD Medication Advice
  164. Managing Depression: Coping with Solitude and Sadness
  165. Struggling with Obesity and Chronic Illness
  166. Dealing with Stomach Issues: Should I See a Gastroenterologist or My Geneticist?
  167. Describing Fibromyalgia Pain to Non-Sufferers
  168. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  169. Excessive Sleepiness on Sertraline
  170. How to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss?
  171. Best Medications for Depression and Anxiety?
  172. Dealing with Mild Chest Pain: Any Suggestions?
  173. First Eye Injection for Retinopathy Study
  174. Dealing with Knee Pain Without Replacement Surgery
  175. Missing a Dose: How Bad Can It Be?
  176. High Cholesterol, Low Blood Pressure: Worried About Statin Side Effects
  177. What do seizures feel like? Need help identifying mine.
  178. New Here! Struggling with PCOS and Food Addiction
  179. Experiencing Strange Symptoms and Seeking Advice
  180. Dealing with Chronic Low Back Pain for 15 Years
  181. What is it like to have Schizophrenia?
  182. Looking for Friends to Help Me Through Grief and Illness
  183. Celebrating a small victory in my PTSD recovery
  184. Dealing with Anxiety in Social Situations
  185. ADHD Medication Side Effects: Share Your Experience
  186. Struggling with Insomnia: Anyone Else?
  187. Dealing with Loneliness: Any Advice?
  188. Struggling with Emotional Regulation in a New Environment
  189. Seeking advice on getting an ASD diagnosis
  190. Numbness in Leg and Skin Sensitivity - Seeking Advice
  191. Struggling with ADHD and Making Friends
  192. Struggling with the 4th of July Away from Family
  193. Regurgitating Water After Taking Pills
  194. Need advice on taking propranolol for migraine prevention and anxiety reduction
  195. Looking for Alternative Therapy Options
  196. Struggling with Getting Diagnosed with ASD
  197. Struggling to Breathe: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  198. Need Help with Healthy Weight Loss
  199. Borderline Personality Disorder vs Bipolar Depression: How to Tell the Differenc…
  200. Chest Pain and Anxiety: Is it a Heart Issue?
  201. Pregnant with DVT and Running a Farm
  202. Migraines with Stroke Symptoms
  203. Do I Have BPD? Seeking Advice
  204. Living with Degenerative Disc Disease: Treatment Options
  205. Struggling to Remember Things with Depression
  206. Struggling with Depression After Losing My Husband
  207. Dealing with a herniated disc in my lower spine
  208. Switching Medications: Need Advice
  209. Tips for Pain Relief with Stage 4 Endo
  210. Anxiety or Phobia? How to Tell the Difference
  211. Existential Anxiety: Feeling Anxious About Existing
  212. How to explain my depression and anxiety to my husband?
  213. Struggling to Find a Job with Depression
  214. New to DID, looking for advice and experiences
  215. Coping with Huntingtons Disease: Tips and Advice
  216. New to Chronic Pain Community, Seeking Alternative Ideas for Left Side/Flank Pai…
  217. Dealing with Relationship OCD: Need Advice
  218. How to Manage Tics in Public?
  219. Coping with Hot Weather and Chronic Illness
  220. Homebound with Agoraphobia and BPD: Seeking Support
  221. Do Others Struggle with Autonomic Dysfunction?
  222. Living with Stress Seizures: My Story
  223. Coping with Hair Pulling Behavior
  224. Trying to Overcome My Anxiety and Surprise My Husband
  225. Coping with Chronic Illness: How to Live Your Best Life
  226. Crying Spells with Specific Triggers
  227. Managing Medical Conditions: Seeking Advice and Advocating for Yourself
  228. Struggling with a Split Personality
  229. Questions about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Symptoms
  230. Just diagnosed with Hashimotos, looking for support
  231. Feeling Disconnected: Dealing with Dissociation at Work
  232. Can't Sleep and Feeling Sick
  233. Struggling with Body Image and Anxiety
  234. Stopping Meds for Mental Health: Struggling Again
  235. Anxiety causing chest tightness and panic attacks
  236. Struggling with Anxiety and Wellbutrin
  237. Dealing with Bad Body Odor
  238. Severe Hand Pain and Weakness - Need Advice
  239. Living with Dysautonomia in a Hot Climate
  240. Migraine with aura and post-headache fatigue
  241. Possible POTS Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  242. Struggling to Make Friends Due to Social Anxiety
  243. Seeking advice on Hidradenitis Supperativa
  244. Struggling with OCD and Social Events
  245. Shaky Hands: Anxiety or Nerve Damage?
  246. Coping with Loss: Sleeping in Our Bed Again
  247. Dealing with Anxiety about Mortality and Human Functions
  248. Am I Hypomanic or Just Happy?
  249. Dealing with UC Flares: What to Expect from Your Doctor
  250. Struggling with Emotional Eating and Weight Gain
  251. Need Help Understanding PCOS Diagnosis
  252. Introducing Myself: Dealing with Depression
  253. How to Stay Motivated for Exercise with Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia
  254. Random Bursts of Energy with ADHD
  255. Is Self-Diagnosis of Autism Valid?
  256. New to Alike, Looking for Support and Friendship
  257. Struggling with Mental Health: Seeking Advice
  258. Seeking advice on Abilify for OCD/GAD
  259. Scared of Cimzia injections, need advice
  260. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  261. Dealing with Excessive Hair Growth on My Face
  262. Hobbies and Routines for Coping with Depression
  263. Living with GERD: How Does it Affect Your Daily Life?
  264. New here and looking for health advice
  265. Seeking Support After First Dara Infusion
  266. Anxious About Being Home Alone
  267. Struggling to function without ADHD meds
  268. Navigating Healthcare System Traumatized Me
  269. Managing Severe BPD Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  270. Dealing with Anxiety: Looking for Support
  271. Questioning My Diagnoses: Am I Really Dealing with Multiple Disorders?
  272. Struggling with Productivity and Mental Clarity
  273. Dealing with Chronic Pain: To Wheelchair or Not to Wheelchair?
  274. Struggling with Memory Loss and ADHD
  275. Struggling to Afford Hearing Molds for My Hearing Aids
  276. Do you over-analyze your behavior as an autistic person?
  277. Blood Glucose Check-In: How's Your Diabetes Management Going?
  278. Dealing with a Rebellious Headmate
  279. Dealing with Negative Self-Talk: Creating Multiple Voices in My Head
  280. Concerns about PCOS Symptoms as a Transgender Male
  281. Dealing with Constipation and Medication Side Effects
  282. Struggling with Exercise Motivation
  283. Dealing with Neuropathy Pain as a Type 1 Diabetic
  284. Feeling overwhelmed with ADHD
  285. Dealing with Lupus Diagnosis and Loss of Support System
  286. Experiencing Paranoia on Gabapentin
  287. Red Heads and Pain Management: Missing Liver Enzyme?
  288. Dealing with Heat Intolerance with Twin Toddlers
  289. Struggling with Mental Health: Looking for Support
  290. Experiencing Famotidine Side Effects - Need Advice
  291. Finding Hope for Chronic Illness
  292. Dizziness, Disorientation, and Sweating: Non-Epileptic Seizures or POTS?
  293. Struggling with ADHD in School
  294. Help with Writing a Character with D.I.D
  295. Dealing with ADHD without medication
  296. Struggling with BPD and Making Friends in High School
  297. Side effects from Latuda?
  298. Help! My Parents Don't Understand My ADHD
  299. Should ADHD be renamed?
  300. Struggling with Depression and Medical Care
  301. Weed and Mental Health: A Personal Experience
  302. New to the app, seeking advice on personality disorder
  303. Struggling with Self-Diagnosis of ASD
  304. Introducing Myself: Living with Multiple Chronic Illnesses
  305. Left Side Pain and Mucus in Stool
  306. Tips for Treating Chemical Burns from Old Spice Deodorant
  307. Dealing with Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  308. Managing Mental Health with Overwhelming Physical Health
  309. Need advice on medication for thyroid issues
  310. Always Tired, Need Advice
  311. Need tips for dealing with TMJ diagnosis
  312. Dealing with Loneliness in a World That Doesn't Understand
  313. Looking for Others Who Feel Disconnected from Life
  314. Dealing with Emetophobia and Constant Nausea
  315. Collapsed at work due to POTS
  316. Struggling with Constipation, Anxiety, and Possible Autism
  317. Chapped Lips on Zoloft: Is it a Side Effect?
  318. Tips for Faster Migraine Relief?
  319. Do You Experience Fatigue with Anxiety Symptoms?
  320. Struggling with Mental Illness Diagnosis
  321. Mood Stabilizers and Relationships: Going Slow
  322. Advice on Slowing Down Substance Abuse?
  323. Constant Back Pain After Spinal Fusion Surgery
  324. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  325. Tips for Managing Anxiety
  326. Dealing with Depression and Dieting: Is it a Bad Idea?
  327. Trying to Conceive with Endo: Any Advice?
  328. Going off my meds: A daunting task
  329. New to the App and Seeking Support for Chronic Illnesses
  330. What to do with empty prescription bottles?
  331. Looking for someone with a high sex drive to talk to
  332. Do I have ADHD, Autism or both?
  333. Newly Diagnosed with POTS: Seeking Advice
  334. Do Others Experience Breathing Difficulties?
  335. Dealing with Endo Flare Pain
  336. Seeking Health Support in My 50s
  337. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  338. Difficulty breathing with Churg Strauss
  339. Join me on my health journey!
  340. Looking for advice on getting a wheelchair for my fibromyalgia
  341. Is My Chest Pain Related to My Heart?
  342. Dealing with Panic Attacks at Work
  343. Struggling with Postpartum Depression and BPD
  344. Concerned about Low Blood Platelets
  345. Looking for Support and Connection with Fellow PTSD Sufferers
  346. Managing Diabetes with an Insulin Pump and CGM
  347. Can Hormones Change My Sexuality?
  348. POTS and Seizures: Anyone Else?
  349. Life with an Eating Disorder: Struggles and Progress
  350. Looking for Fast-Acting Anxiety Medication
  351. Fitbit Heart Rate Tracking: Is it Worth It?
  352. Feeling lost and depressed, hoping to connect with others
  353. Help! I Have a Quarter Sized Itchy Red Area on My Ankle
  354. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Chest Pains
  355. Sudden Heat and Chill Sensation - Seeking Advice
  356. Failed Spinal Fusion Surgery: Has Anyone Experienced It?
  357. Coping with Agoraphobia: Will it ever get easier?
  358. Struggling to Remember Medications?
  359. Anxiety at Night: Anyone Else?
  360. Covid and Extreme Pain: Has Anyone Experienced This?
  361. Gallbladder Removal: What to Expect?
  362. Update on my Mental Health and Medication
  363. Struggling with ADHD and Keeping a Clean Living Space
  364. Managing Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice and Support
  365. Looking for GERD treatment success stories with PPIs
  366. Armour Thyroid Side Effects: Sensitivity to Heat and Dizziness
  367. Looking for the right AdHD meditation
  368. Seeking Advice on DCIS Stage 0 Grade 2 Diagnosis
  369. Managing Chronic Pain with a Full-Time Job
  370. Switching from Lexapro to Wellbutrin: Need Advice
  371. Struggling with IBS? Have you been breath tested for SIBO?
  372. Trazodone for Sleep: Anyone Tried It?
  373. Dealing with Anxiety as a Single Parent of Special Needs Children
  374. Anxiety after pleasure?
  375. Alternative Ways to Get Iron into My System?
  376. Looking for Mental Health Resources
  377. Random Pin Pricks on Arms, Legs and Face
  378. Struggling with Medication Anxiety
  379. First Colonoscopy: What to Expect?
  380. Recommendations for Online Therapy Apps?
  381. Struggling with Medication
  382. Effective Ways to Overcome Anxiety for Good
  383. Looking for understanding friends
  384. 10 years on Klonopin, 7 months off, and my mouth still hurts
  385. Discovering My Bipolar Symptoms
  386. Coping with Chronic Migraines
  387. Learning Spanish with Auditory Processing Disorder
  388. Scared to take my ADHD meds
  389. Finding Joy in the Little Moments
  390. Feeling like everything is about me with BPD
  391. Dealing with the Stigma of OCD Diagnosis
  392. Struggling with Fibromyalgia Pain: Need Suggestions
  393. Excited for My Cardiology Appointment and New Job!
  394. Not Feeling Dysphoric While Presenting as FTM
  395. Managing ADHD Medication Side Effects
  396. Dealing with Diarrhea in Gastroparesis
  397. Recommendations for Books on Living with Chronic Illness
  398. How to Calm Down When Anxiety Strikes: Tips and Tricks
  399. Worried about my depression coming back
  400. Share your Fibromyalgia experience
  401. Do you have Diabetes insipidus? Let's talk!
  402. Correlation between low blood pressure and high blood sugar?
  403. Tips for Cleaning with Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD
  404. Need help sleeping with GERD
  405. Food getting stuck in my throat due to anxiety?
  406. How long did it take for you to get an official diagnosis?
  407. Dealing with Panic Attacks and High Blood Pressure
  408. Lowering Levothyroxine Dose: Success Stories?
  409. My Physical Therapy Appointment: A Little Off?
  410. Antidepressant Experiences: Share Yours!
  411. Looking for Support with hEDS
  412. Need advice on PTSD accommodations for college classes
  413. Burning Throat While Running
  414. Dealing with Multiple Ailments
  415. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis Pain: Need Advice!
  416. Looking for Buspirone Experiences
  417. Feeling Hot in a Cold House: Allergy or Something Else?
  418. Looking for a Chat about BPD, OCD and Autism
  419. Enbrel injections - how long before they work?
  420. Losing Mobility: A Scary Experience
  421. Autistic Peeps: What Foods Do You Avoid Due to Texture?
  422. DNA Testing and Mental Health: Has Anyone Experienced This?
  423. Dealing with Endo Pain on Day 2 of My Period
  424. Celebrating Health Progress: What Are You Proud Of?
  425. Distinguishing Schizophrenia from Reality
  426. Starting Medication: No Life-Changing Effects?
  427. Living with Chronic Illness: My Story
  428. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Suggestions and Support
  429. Autistic People and Clothing: A Discussion on Sensory Issues
  430. Is Stress Taking a Physical Toll on Your Body?
  431. Nortriptyline Capsules for Fibromyalgia Pain and Depression
  432. Lost my empathy, am I a robot?
  433. Looking for Relief from Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  434. Recommendations for BPD Books?
  435. Strategies for Managing Anxiety in the Moment
  436. Tips for Losing the Last 20 Pounds
  437. Heart Palpitations: Seeking Advice
  438. Dealing with Gastroparesis: Seeking Advice
  439. My Grade 4 Hiatal Hernia Experience
  440. Mixing Wellbutrin and Alcohol: Safe or Not?
  441. Help with Stress, Fear, Impatience and Doubt
  442. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Seeking Tips and Advice
  443. What Tests Can Help Diagnose Endometriosis?
  444. Do tics affect your balance?
  445. Considering Disability for Peripheral Neuropathy
  446. Looking for non-sedative anxiety medication
  447. How many ubrevly can I take in a week?
  448. Observing and Logging Symptoms: Seeking Advice
  449. Looking for a Free Therapist
  450. How to Battle Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  451. Struggling with Motivation and Sleep
  452. Botox for Migraines: Experiences and Advice Needed
  453. Struggling with Consistent Eating Habits When Cooking for Yourself
  454. Managing Extreme Hormonal Mood Shifts: Seeking Advice
  455. Skipping Bactrim dose for UTI treatment
  456. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue and Multiple Conditions
  457. Dealing with Chronic Pain: What's Your Go-To Remedy?
  458. Depakote Side Effects: What Should I Expect?
  459. Living with Traumatic Brain Injury: Isolation and Finding Meaning
  460. Constant Throat Pain for 2 Years - Anyone Else?
  461. Increasing Trazodone dosage for sleep?
  462. Need advice on skin cysts
  463. Feeling Alone in My Symptoms
  464. Realizing My Struggle with Mental Illness
  465. Tips for Moving with Fibro, POTS and EDS
  466. Struggling with Citalopram for Anxiety
  467. Share your journey with PAN/PANDAS diagnosis
  468. Confused about ADHD diagnosis
  469. Struggling with motivation at home
  470. Dealing with Obsessive Thoughts: Seeking Tips and Ideas
  471. Preparing for a Doctor's Appointment: Tips and Suggestions
  472. Advice for quitting vaping before top surgery?
  473. Propranolol users, what are your experiences?
  474. Unwanted Weight Gain from Medications
  475. Birth Control Not Working, Surgery Needed?
  476. Random Thoughts of Death and Anxiety
  477. Feeling Invalidated by Family After ADHD Diagnosis
  478. How to Diagnose Muscular Dystrophy with No Prior Data?
  479. Recovering from Shoulder Surgery: Seeking Support
  480. Weird Side Effects to Medicines - Anyone Else?
  481. Significant Weight Loss Due to Mental Health
  482. Debilitating Foot Pain: Seeking Help
  483. Post-Surgery Cravings: When Can I Eat What I Want?
  484. Can CPTSD Cause Loss of Interest and Joy?
  485. Seeking Advice for Pain Relief with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
  486. How often should I test my glucose as a newly diagnosed type 2?
  487. Waiting for Buspar to work, any tips?
  488. Invega Sustenna: Share Your Experience with This Medication
  489. Looking for support after Cushings surgery
  490. Advice on pre-medication RA treatments while still in the diagnostic process?
  491. Dealing with a Self-Diagnosis of Autism
  492. Unexplained Pains and Infections: Seeking Advice
  493. Mental Changes on Birth Control: What to Expect?
  494. Personal Experience with Post Impairment Syndrome
  495. Navigating Disability Identity: My Experience with ADHD and OCD
  496. Withdrawals from Duloxetine
  497. Trying to Convince My Parents to Let Me Try CBD Oil for ADHD and Autism
  498. Need advice on getting Xyrem for type 2 narcolepsy
  499. Dealing with Anxiety After a Long-Term Relationship Ends
  500. Looking for caffeine alternatives
  501. Newly Diagnosed T1 Diabetic and Regular Marijuana Smoker
  502. Prozac for CPTSD: Does it work?
  503. Shoutout to the Nausea Gang in GERD Section
  504. Need Help with Asthma-Related Sleep Issues
  505. Struggling with Diabetes Insipidus: Medications and Sodium Levels
  506. Asking About Diagnosis
  507. Feeling Dizzy When Standing Up - Is This Normal?
  508. Dealing with Sensory Overload: Any Tips?
  509. Dealing with Stomach Issues and Heavy Periods
  510. Dealing with Chronic Leg Pain for Years
  511. Question about Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder
  512. Losing words on Topamax: anyone else?
  513. Managing Symptoms During Heat Wave
  514. Generic vs Synthroid for Hypothyroidism Treatment
  515. Struggling with Constipation: Need Advice
  516. Newly Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - Experiencing Terrible Flare Up
  517. Recently diagnosed with IIH, unsure of what to expect
  518. How to know if anti-depressants are working?
  519. Has anyone had cardiac ablation for A Fib?
  520. Taking Mirtazapine for Anxiety: What Else Can I Take?
  521. Struggling with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  522. Frequent Episodes of Overheating and Lightheadedness at Work
  523. Do I Have Tourette Syndrome?
  524. Positive COVID Test with Lupus: Tips Needed
  525. Dealing with Spontaneous Plans and Anxiety
  526. Advice on Pursuing Disability Benefits for Chronic Pain at a Young Age
  527. Life after EMDR therapy: What to expect?
  528. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain After Having Children and Starting a Physical Job
  529. Chest Pain After Drinking: Any Quick Remedies?
  530. Navigating the Unknown: My Medical Journey
  531. Looking for an OCD specialist therapist
  532. Dealing with Uterine Fibroids and Divorce
  533. How to convince my family I don't need therapy?
  534. Struggling with Motivation and Weight Loss
  535. Dealing with Anxiety and Avoidance: Am I Being Cowardly?
  536. Managing Weight Gain While on Remicade
  537. Should I Get Tested for ADHD?
  538. Feeling Numb and Exhausted: Taking a Break from Everything
  539. Discovering My Autism at 18
  540. Considering an All Carnivore Diet for My Mental Health
  541. Changes in Menstruation Symptoms
  542. Dealing with GAD and Physical Symptoms
  543. At Home Remedies for Asthmatic Bronchitis and Asthma
  544. Can I Walk Again After Being in a Wheelchair for 6 Years?
  545. Dealing with Sensory Overload due to ADHD
  546. Uncomfortable Muscle Relaxation: Tips Needed
  547. Newly Diagnosed with Bipolar 2, Seeking Advice
  548. Struggling with my lazy eye and social interactions
  549. Struggling with Acne and Rosacea After 20+ Years
  550. Managing Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  551. Dealing with COVID-19 and Pneumonia
  552. Need advice on knee surgery for both knees
  553. Shame in Raising Antidepressant Dosage
  554. Dealing with Pseudoseizures: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  555. Considering Moving to LA for My Mental Health
  556. Struggling with Healthy Eating Habits
  557. Struggling with Trichotillomania: Seeking Advice
  558. Dealing with Friendship Anxiety: How to Cope
  559. Sudden Menstrual Symptoms: Dizziness, Nausea, and Fatigue
  560. Struggling with Asthma: My Recent Diagnosis and Hospital Visits
  561. Effexor dosage increase - anyone notice a big improvement?
  562. Sudden Anxiety Attacks: What's Happening to Me?
  563. Struggling with Relationships Due to Mental Health Diagnoses
  564. Do I Have OCD? Need Input
  565. Dealing with Daily Migraines: Medication Experiences
  566. Need Job Recommendations for Severe Social Anxiety
  567. Dealing with Gastroparesis and Dental Issues
  568. Chronic Itching and Neuropathy: Seeking Advice
  569. Dealing with Uncontrollable Anger Outbreaks
  570. Indifference towards life
  571. New here, seeking support for mental health struggles
  572. Feeling Mentally Unstable and Anxious About Starting a Family
  573. Lost without a therapist, seeking affordable options
  574. Celebrating Artistic Success Despite Physical Pain
  575. Mirroring Side Effects of Gabapentin: My Experience
  576. Introduction and Warning about Modafinil
  577. New here and struggling with IIH symptoms
  578. Smoking Cannabis for Anxiety: Does it Help or Worsen?
  579. Lexapro: My Experience and Thoughts
  580. Struggling to Fall Asleep? Here are Some Tips!
  581. Looking for Encouragement and Motivation to Lose Weight
  582. Tips for Getting Doctors to Listen About Mobility Aids
  583. Vaccination Anxiety: Feeling Alone and Guilty
  584. Looking for Others with a Rare Disease
  585. Feeling the Cloudiness Creep Back
  586. Struggling with Antidepressant Withdrawal and Finding a New Medication
  587. Dealing with ADHD Side Effects: Tips and Tricks
  588. Interacting with Head Mates/Alters/Parts
  589. Tools for Chronic Illness Management
  590. Struggling to Find a Therapist for My Anxiety
  591. Paranoid Delusions in Bipolar Disorder
  592. Getting Married and Going to Hawaii!
  593. Just diagnosed with Endometriosis, seeking advice on recovery
  594. Feeling Exhausted and Weighed Down by Fatigue
  595. How to let go of control with OCD?
  596. How to differentiate between mania and happiness?
  597. Struggling with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  598. Recognizing When It's Getting Bad Again
  599. Looking for advice on Amantadine for MS fatigue
  600. Living with Multiple Sclerosis: My Experience at 24
  601. Coping with Racing Thoughts and Paranoia
  602. Anxiety around gynecologist visits
  603. Looking for advice on OCD medication
  604. New to the App, Hoping for Support
  605. Managing Diabetes: My Journey So Far
  606. Looking for Advice on Migraine Injections
  607. What's your POTS shower routine?
  608. Need Help Understanding My Bipolar Episode
  609. Looking for advice on coping with BPD
  610. Seeking Advice on Possible Autism Diagnosis
  611. Abnormal ANA Blood Test Results - Seeking Advice
  612. Managing CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia: Seeking Advice
  613. Irregular Periods and Abdominal Pain
  614. Overcoming Anxiety at the Store: Tips and Tricks
  615. How to communicate with a lower functioning autistic adult?
  616. Connecting with other Type 1 Diabetics
  617. Living with MS: My Journey to Stronger Legs
  618. Has anyone been treated by Mayo Clinic for dysautonomia?
  619. Coping with Depression and Anxiety
  620. Concerns about Long-Term Use of Anxiety Medication
  621. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Help and Ideas
  622. Looking for Homeopathic Remedies for Severe Fatigue and Pain
  623. Exercising with RA: Help or Hell?
  624. Hair pulling and coarser hair growth
  625. Looking for Weight Loss Advice
  626. Managing Anxiety When Alone: Tips and Tricks
  627. Staying Positive with Psoriasis: Tips and Tricks
  628. Tips for Living with ADHD in School
  629. Nausea During Panic Attacks: Anyone Else?
  630. Struggling to Find Work with Chronic Illness
  631. Difficulty with IV insertion and panic attacks
  632. Seeking Support for IBS-C
  633. Dealing with PCOS Fatigue: Any Supplement Suggestions?
  634. Dealing with Shop Addiction and Depression
  635. Looking for Support: Depression and Anxiety
  636. Newly Diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia
  637. Experiencing Dizziness When Standing Up
  638. Looking for Fibromyalgia Medication Recommendations
  639. Finding Support for Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety
  640. Struggling with Exposure Therapy: When Does it Get Better?
  641. Overcoming Depression: Is it Possible?
  642. Question about Functional Nuerological Disorder and Tourette's
  643. Forgetting things about yourself
  644. Struggling with Brain Fog During Doctor's Appointments
  645. Dealing with Numbness, Tingling, Swelling and Pain in Arms
  646. Dealing with Palpitations and Anxiety
  647. Has anyone had success with Vistaril for anxiety?
  648. Dealing with Gastroparesis Flare-ups
  649. Looking for experiences with Risperidone
  650. Dealing with Anxiety: Need Advice on Medication
  651. COVID and Fibromyalgia: Exasperating Pain?
  652. Sudden Fatigue and Sickness
  653. Struggling with Motivation for Weight Loss and Depression
  654. Switching from Sertraline to Prozac: Experiences?
  655. Menopause Symptoms: Odd Feeling in My Gut
  656. Barefoot or Socks: A Sensory Struggle for Autistic People
  657. Post COVID Symptoms: Headaches and Dizziness
  658. Paranoia and Anxiety: How to Stop Them from Mixing
  659. Is Age Regression Linked to Depression?
  660. Struggling with Adderall Effectiveness
  661. Need help with dressing difficult HS areas
  662. Severe constipation for 2 weeks, need advice
  663. Why isn't BPD talked about enough?
  664. Questioning My Gastroparesis Diagnosis
  665. Visiting Spirits in Schizo-Affective Disorder
  666. Can ADHD make you too empathetic?
  667. Cereal and Blood Sugar: What's Going On?
  668. Struggling with Hypothyroidism Medication
  669. Dealing with Foot Pain and Numbness: Seeking Advice
  670. Gabapentin for Anxiety: Experiences?
  671. Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks After a Car Accident
  672. Looking for Support with Crying Attacks
  673. Getting Surgery Soon: Worried About Nicotine Use
  674. How to Identify ADHD Symptoms
  675. Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Seeking Support and Advice
  676. New Wheelchair and Supportive Cat
  677. Struggling to Keep a Job with BPD: Any Tips?
  678. Living with Schizoaffective Disorder: An Introduction
  679. Struggling with a Dairy-Free Diet
  680. Tips for Facial Hair Growth?
  681. Allergic to Mosquito Bites: Tips for Relief?
  682. Struggling with Metformin for Diabetes Control
  683. Recovering from Psychosis: Seeking Advice
  684. Feeling Stuck in My Own Body
  685. Share Your Experience with Urinary Incontinence
  686. Coping with Gender Dysphoria: Seeking Advice
  687. Looking for Lupus Diagnosis Stories
  688. Looking for correlation between complex PTSD and body pain
  689. Lost in my own room
  690. Talking about Medical Issues with Friends and Family
  691. Dealing with Guilt After Eating: Tips and Tricks
  692. Why do I make random noise?
  693. Managing Depression in Everyday Life
  694. Depression episodes that don't feel like mine
  695. Painful Sensor Insertion for Freestyle Lite 2
  696. Seeking Advice for Physical Symptoms and Depression/Anxiety
  697. Looking for Suggestions to Improve My Liver Health
  698. Looking for Mental Health Advice
  699. Dealing with Paranoia in Social Situations
  700. Diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, Need Advice
  701. Dealing with Emotional Numbness
  702. Dealing with Health Anxiety and OCD
  703. Getting Over Anxiety Without Medication: Is It Possible?
  704. Fibromyalgia Flare-Up After Covid Diagnosis
  705. New Job Overwhelming Me, Need Advice
  706. Dealing with POTS and Digestive Issues
  707. GERD Symptoms: Chest and Arm Pains?
  708. Celebrating Small Victories in My Battle with Depression
  709. Looking for Support with Ectopic Heart Beats and Anxiety
  710. Dealing with Physical Anxiety Symptoms
  711. Possible Emphysema Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  712. Dealing with a Manic Episode: Coping Strategies Needed
  713. Coping with Medical Issues: Tips and Tricks
  714. Looking for insight on focal epilepsy symptoms
  715. Should I Get Tested for Autism?
  716. Feeling Overwhelmed: Dealing with Big Emotions
  717. Starting Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
  718. Worrying About Being Judged for Mental Illness
  719. Questions about living with mild autism
  720. Overcoming Anorexia: My Journey to Recovery
  721. Trying out a new health app
  722. Pain while performing certain tasks
  723. Finally got my ADHD diagnosis
  724. Irregular Heart Rate After Doctor's Appointment
  725. Introduction and Battle with Depression and Anxiety
  726. Looking for Advice on Cymbalta for Chronic Pain
  727. New to Alike and looking for PCOS support
  728. Retesting for Autism: Is it Possible to be Undiagnosed?
  729. Scared to Ask About Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  730. Do POTS Patients Get Brain Freeze?
  731. Is My Medication Just a Placebo?
  732. Anyone else have a strange sleep cycle?
  733. Living with Hypothyroidism: Daily Struggles
  734. Daily Struggles with Hypothyroidism
  735. Possible Autism Symptoms, No Diagnosis: What Should I Do?
  736. Struggling with Burnout as a Mom
  737. Struggling with Sleep: Seeking Holistic Approaches
  738. Struggling with Marijuana Addiction: Need Help!
  739. Looking for Help with My Child's Chronic Nausea After COVID-19
  740. Feeling Detached from Reality
  741. Exploding Head Syndrome: Seeking Advice
  742. Living with Fibromyalgia: My Story
  743. Should I disclose my autism diagnosis to my school?
  744. Considering Breast Reconstruction Options During Chemo
  745. Just Diagnosed with POTS: Seeking Advice on Propranolol
  746. Struggling with ADHD Symptoms
  747. Struggling to Get Enough Sleep
  748. Struggling to Conceive: Tips for Hormone Regulation
  749. Dealing with Anxiety and Stress
  750. Continuous headache for weeks, need relief!
  751. Need advice on medication alternatives for moyamoya symptoms
  752. Worrying About Having Kids with GAD or Depression
  753. Prefer Sleeping Over Reality
  754. Looking for Support with My Condition
  755. Ketamine for Migraines and Depression: Experiences?
  756. Debilitating Chest Pain from Anxiety
  757. Best OTC Meds for Joint Pain Relief?
  758. Am I a Bad Person for Neglecting My Hygiene?
  759. Can't Win for Losing
  760. Choosing a Career in Mental Health with Bipolar Disorder
  761. Feeling self-conscious with my new cane
  762. Navigating Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and Autism Diagnosis
  763. Struggling with Autism and Romantic Attraction
  764. Gross Hematuria - Seeking Advice
  765. Fast Heart Rate on Amitriptyline: Need Advice
  766. Fibromyalgia and Unexplained Fevers
  767. Has anyone had surgery to correct their hypermobility?
  768. Guilt-free ways to decline plans without mentioning illness?
  769. Struggling with Sleep After Psychiatric Hospitalization
  770. Dealing with Chronic Nausea: My Story
  771. Need advice on getting tested for ADHD
  772. Living with Anxiety, Cyclothymia, SPS, ADHD & PMDD
  773. Home remedies for COVID-19 symptoms
  774. Unprecedented Numbness and Pain in Head
  775. Preparing for a 72 Hour In-Home EEG Monitoring
  776. Fibromyalgia Pain: Does Anyone Else Experience Pain in Their Feet, Legs, Hands, …
  777. Feeling sleepy on Adderall extended release
  778. Can't Sleep, Need Help!
  779. Looking for Connection with Others with Similar Physical Differences
  780. Has anyone tried Macronutrient Ordered eating?
  781. Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  782. Dealing with Hypersexuality in Relationships
  783. Struggling with Depression: Need Help Getting Out of Bed
  784. Dealing with Stress-Induced Stomach Problems
  785. Hoping My Medication Works for Work
  786. Struggling to Evacuate Loose Stool with IBS-D/M
  787. Uribel Saved Me from My Condition
  788. Finally Got a Diagnosis for My Chronic Pain
  789. Dealing with Endometriosis, Constipation, and Anxiety
  790. Dealing with Social Anxiety During Covid Pandemic
  791. Strange Head Sensations on New Medication
  792. Frequent Episodes of Passing Out - Need Help!
  793. Managing Depression-Induced Anger in the Workplace
  794. Dealing with Endo and Adenomyosis
  795. Abnormal Periods and Cancer Worries
  796. Coping with Autism Level 2 in Relationships
  797. Looking for advice on getting a BPD diagnosis
  798. How Long Does It Take to Get Diagnosed?
  799. Why Don't I Want to Take Medication for Period Cramps?
  800. Can't Sleep, Need Help!
  801. Questioning My Hashimoto's Diagnosis
  802. Is Masturbation a Natural Response to Sexual Abuse?
  803. COVID Aftermath: Lingering Symptoms?
  804. Struggling with Anxiety, Depression and Stress
  805. Experiencing unexplained lightheadedness
  806. Struggling to Let People In
  807. Does Vyvanse Increase Hunger?
  808. Late ADHD Diagnosis and Starting Medication
  809. Did antidepressants help you? Seeking advice.
  810. Seeking Connection with Multiple Myeloma Warriors
  811. My Mental Hack for Dealing with Depression
  812. Struggling with Adderall: Hair Loss and Poor Attention
  813. Abilify and Insomnia: Anyone Else?
  814. Dealing with Health Anxiety and COVID-19 Worries
  815. Ashwaganda and Hydroxycloraquine: A Bad Mix?
  816. Struggling with Salt Tablets - Any Alternatives?
  817. Relieving Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  818. Struggling to Exercise with POTS: Any Tips?
  819. Maximum Safe Dose for Lithium Orotate?
  820. New to Therapy: Seeking Advice on Sharing Personal Problems
  821. Struggling with Anxiety: Seeking Tips
  822. Struggling to Sleep? Here are Some Tips!
  823. Feeling Limited with Celiac: Missing Out on Food
  824. Suspecting EDS, seeking advice
  825. Looking for advice on anxiety medication
  826. Physical Pain in Nightmares: Anyone Else?
  827. Is it possible to have POTS without heart issues?
  828. Gabapentin for Pain Management: Dosage Help Needed