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I have ADHD and I land on the autism spectrum. I've tried a few medications and caffeine but nothing seems effective and I don't want to start Adderall because according to my mother I get addicted too quickly. That brings me to possibly try CBD oil. I brought this up to my mother who thinks it's the same as smoking the plant. She seems to think it will make me more lazy than I already am. When I tried to bring facts to her she basically said I'm too knowledgeable about it and used the same arguments. Can yall help me try to make a better argument to convince my parents. If it helps I am 22 but I still live with my parents.

    • Amigrainedame


      First off as someone undiagnosed on the spectrum I'm really sorry that you were being faulted for 'being lazy' when you have an untreated condition and that that's even a reason to say no to something that could potentially help you. I personally had parents who couldn't accept my boundaries when it came to my health so I know it's a rough place to be stuck in. Especially if you're worried about addiction, Adderall was helpful but far too tricky for me to handle well long term so I can understand wanting to really consider your options. To me starting a CBD trial would be a safer start than Adderall especially considering how much easier and safer it is to start or stop cbd since it's not getting you high and isn't addictive unlike adderall. Also it doesn't make you lazy, if you're mom put on drunk googles and tried to do chores would she call herself lazy? No she'd be like wow I didn't how skewed my vision was, how on earth did I lose soo many pieces of clothes from the laundry I was walking straight!? Or maybe she'd be more like wtf why did I even try this time to clean up... idk I really hope you can figure things out ❤️ feel free to reach out if you ever need to chat

    • katitomato


      It sounds like your mother is being intentionally ignorant on the subject, and there will be no changing her mind. This is for your health, so I think you need to tell her you’re an adult and you’ve done your research. Or, it might sound bad but I would just start to take the cbd and not tell her since this is something very important for your health and livelihood.

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