hey when did you get diagnosed

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Chronic Generalized pain

Chronic Pain

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  • wise


    I got my dx on my 21st birthday 🙃 my wheelchair also literally fell apart as I was leaving the office that day. I've definitely had better birthdays lol

  • History.and.cats


    I got diagnosed this year, I'm 22. I have a few other conditions as well so I don't know when the fibromyalgia itself started but I've had chronic pain since early high school.

  • Chesbro99


    I think I've had it my whole life. I always complained about pain. But I was dx when I was 22

    • Teee


      were you diagnosed with a tilt table test ?

    • Teee


      sorry wrong thread !

  • BurritoBabble


    I was diagnosed just last week at age 22. I've been in and out of doctors for mild to severe pains with no answers since I was 13 😔

  • mashedpotatoes


    I was diagnosed when I was 21 after having chronic pain for 6 years.

  • whalesocks


    I was diagnosed at 20, and my mom was diagnosed around 20 as well

  • lost_ph0enix


    I was diagnosed at 15 and I got it from mon aka the kissing disease

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