How do you guys deal with tactile hallucinations? I can’t seem to get them to stop?! Like someone is touching my neck and collar bone all the time!


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  • Deathfuffy


    In all honesty I just learned to live with it. I do get freaked out when I turn around and it's actually someone touching me. My partner is always surprised when I freak out. She said 'who else would be touching you?' LOL

  • Dustmann


    My voices molest me with all five senses. It disturbs me at times. Especially the tactile.

  • Crystal0913


    The first time I had tactile hallucinations was around the same time my auditory hallucinations started in 2010. I was trying to sleep when all I heard was voices in my head making fun of me. I ran out of the room tripped and grabbed the wall. It felt like my hand was touching water. I was scared about what was happening to me. Then I started getting a feeling like someone was touching or grabbing my leg when I try to sleep. At first I would get scared but my last episode I remember just politely asking it to stop.

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