I have stage 4 COPD
I’m feeling good with no breathing issues at this time or flem
How can I continue to stay healthy and avoid getting sick

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

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  • look


    Walking staying active take your meds that's good keep praying cause most people that have stage 4 is on oxygen just continue to eat right and walking helps

  • Scoot


    Thank you so much I am active I walk a lot I’m eating healthy and making smoothies everyday with fruit and veggies I also and molting my weight Since I was diagnosed in April I have lost 8 lbs and working to lose 7 more lbs If I hadn’t gotten Covid I probably wouldn’t have known I had it I quit smoking a long while ago Covid woke up the COPD symptoms I praying every day that I can stay away from Oxygen Thank you for your feedback

  • wise


    aside from staying as active as possible, make sure you take your meds, use your inhalers, etc like clockwork. maybe also be open to the idea of palliative care (which is not the same thing as hospice care) and be willing to take suggestions from your doctor about new or experimental meds/treatments

  • Nana25


    When the humidity is high , I don’t go outside at all . Keep cool under the a/c . Try resting more . Keep your a/c filters changed once a month like clockwork. Beware of cleaning chemicals or air fresheners. Also candles .

  • Scoot


    Checking in with everyone I’m praying every one is having a good day I’m am so great full for being able to walk now 4 miles a day No breathing problems Today it’s cool and I’m so happy about that Im sitting on my beautiful deck with my much loved dog Opie It’s been difficult getting out because the heat and humidity has been terrible Im doing so good considering I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 COBD Im doing everything in my power to stay well When I was told in April of this this year that I have COPD I cried all the time Couldn’t sleep Then I realized that I was grieving over something I couldn’t change Once I got a handle on it and Said thank you God I’m not Dead yet My feelings have changed I know in the future things will change But for now I’m going to live my best life as long as god Grants me the Grace I’m so mad at myself for ever picking up a cigarette But what’s done is done How ever no more cigarettes now. I hate what they do to us Praying for everyone

  • look


    Thanks for your words 🙌🙏

  • Copacabana


    Quisiera disfrutar más mi vida

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