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hi. i was wondering if it’s normal to have constant back pain after having spinal fusion surgery. my back and shoulders get very sore very easily. i have back spasms and sometimes it feels like something is stabbing me. parts of my back are also still numb from the surgery. for background, i was diagnosed with scoliosis when i was around 10 i think. i was able to continue dancing and doing everything i normally did. at 16 i was told that my spine continued to curve and i needed surgery if i didn’t want problems in the future. i was very upset but i thought it was for the best. now i have constant pain and i just want to know if it’s normal and what other people may do to help the pain post-surgery.

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    • summie


      I had constant back pain for quite a while after my spinal fusion

    • summie


      I had constant back pain for quite a while after my spinal fusion

    • FishInABottle


      i had zero pain before fusion surgery but after surgery pain started and now over 4 years post surgery it still hurts like the dickens. real disheartening to feel like the surgery made things worse :/ so i feel ya

    • CaptainHolmes


      I still had pain after surgery. I had a bone spur grow from the fusion and had a second surgery to have the spur removed. Now the back pain is better but my shoulders and neck are sore constantly. For me that is a hypothyroid symptom, a leftover scoliosis symptom, and an anxiety symptom. I avoid heavy lifting because it causes pain.

    • Haleydoesmusic


      I've been to the doctor MANY times post surgery and they all say this is NOT normal. I was diagnosed around the age of 11, had surgery at 14. I'm now almost 17 and was diagnosed with CRPS a few weeks ago. I was a dancer before this also, for 10 years. Absolutely devastating that you had to go through this too.

    • Ardee


      I had surgery 2017 and I had pain since then but last year I realized that one of the rods broke there , I think the pain was a sign of a struggle between my body and those rods

    • ljk4202


      I had my spinal fusion at the age of 15 and I'm now 27 and deal with constant pain sometimes I can't breathe because of how bad the pain is

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