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Hey so I'm new here, I will just summarize what I have problems with. I've had severe depression/ anxiety since 2017 and have needed medications, though, I always feel like it may be a physical problem as most of what I feel is only felt physically (very low mood, off-put etc.), I also suffer from back muscle pain, and also noticed this doesn't help my poor mood. I also, always feel pretty tired unless I get caffeine, as well as I feel like I get tired to easily when I exercise.. I've done a lot of blood work, but according to my diagnosis, my thyroid appears to be fine, as well as the majority of my blood work.. I am also taking Vitamin D, (my blood test concluded I'm well above the amount of vitamin D people have), as well as I'm still on testosterone treatment for low-T Really, any and all hell is appreciated. A summary of this is that I really feel like something is physically off, or something just isn't right physically with me, causing my symptoms. Thank you!

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      depression and anxiety can often manifest into physical symptoms like pain and fatigue. and with chronic fatigue in general, it's unfortunately very hard to pinpoint the source of it. it could be caused by depression, but it could also be caused by something else or just be entirely its own thing. you can try talking to your doctor about getting a sleep study done to see if there's anything going on with the way you're sleeping; for instance, some people don't get past REM sleep so they never get proper rest and therefore have awful fatigue. i'm still searching for the reason behind my fatigue and how to treat it too, so i know how frustrating it is. i hope you figure something out soon!

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