I’m on day 8 of birth control and I don’t think it’s working I have emailed my gynecologist to see what to do she said that they might have to do surgery


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  • Ekostka


    Hi! Sometimes when starting a new prescription, they say to give it about 2-3 months while your body is adjusting to it. Not all prescriptions help overnight. In my experience, not all b.c. has helped my endo and I have needed excision surgery a few times but now I’m on a b.c. that regulates everything decently but it took a few months for my current b.c. to make a difference

    • Deanka


      can I ask what b c you’re on?

      • Barrfamily


        my gynecologist changed my birth control I was on something that’s starts with a c

  • hazyeclipse


    It'll probably take longer than a week or two to work. I'd give it at least a couple months if I were you

  • Barrfamily


    She said that after day ten I’m supposed to start spotting

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