is there anything I should be prepared for my 72 hour in home camera monitored EEG? I'm a little nervous about it. I've had 2 EEGs before but my current neurologist thinks my previous neurologist wasn't going the distance to figure out what is wrong with me.


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  • Louisse


    During my 24hr EEG, I was given a button to press if anything of note came up I wanted to report (twitches, etc) - I apparently pressed the button on accident 20-something times, probably when I was sleeping. If you have a button, I recommend keeping a list to mark down when you've pressed it and why, so unintentional presses don't get taken into account. Also, be sure to wash your hair thoroughly right after you're done - the sticky stuff they use to "glue" the wires to your head can be a nuisance to get off. I personally braided my hair tightly before they attached them, to make sure it was sticking to my scalp more than my hair. Good luck, and I hope you can get answers to what you're looking for!

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