How long have you been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease? What treatments have you had?



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  • Betsy1120


    Hi there, I was dianosticated with degenerative disc disease, since 10 years ago. I had multiple treatments, I had injections, physical therapy, until the PT at the last therapy, like a year ago, told me that he can't do anything more for me. And refer me to a spinal surgeon, in March of this year I had a surgery. It help me a little. But still hurts. But not like before.

  • Cheylo


    I just recently got diagnosed this past year. But I've had pain for almost 10 years now. It's only recently got bad the past 3 years. And I went to physical therapy and that surprisingly made the pain worse. So I started using a Tens unit and stretching what I could without hurting too much. And then I started going to a pain management clinic and I've been getting Radiofrequency Ablation done on the nerves around the spine that are getting pinched. The results are supposed to generally last around 6-8months of pain relief but mine only lasted 3 months. But they also think it's because I'm young mid twenties and our bodies too TRY to heal themselves. But the more I get it done the longe rather effects willmo last. My first ablation may have only lasted 3 months but at my last appointment the guy infront of me came back for the first time to get another ablation in 3 years. This man had 3 years and 1 month of pain relief in his spine. The recovery for myself was about a week I was VERY sore afterwards but I felt amazing for almost 3 full months. It's not a full on surgery it's only a procedure so it's pretty minimally invasive and it takes about 20 min maybe 30 if your too tense. But being able to bend like that without any pain was like magic. And until there's better options besides popping pain pills 24/7 and using hot cold compresses I'll continue to get RFA done.

  • wise


    I was diagnosed three and a half years ago, when I was freshly 20. I've had every treatment under the sun EXCEPT surgery because no one wants to do back surgery on a 23 year old. nothing has worked

  • Cheylo


    That's what I'm coming across as well. I'm 25 currently and they said we'll keep doing RFAs until there's enough racked up that insurance will actually look at disc replacements

    • wise


      I got a TFESI done and it made everything so much worse. I literally had shocks for like two or three months and I've been nearly paralyzed in that leg since then (a year ago). but I still don't qualify for any kind of surgery 🙃

      • Cheylo


        man that sounds awful! Every time I've gotten a nerve burn they anyways check that the needle is in a good place that that I can't feel it messing with the nerves down my leg and then they start the procedure.

  • dysturbation


    I've had back problems for about 15 years, but I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2017. I've tried pain medication, physical therapy, epidural steroid shots, and finally, a microdiscectomy and laminotomy in 2019 that relieved me of all pain for about 2 years. Now, I have new discs that are causing problems. I have to go through PT again before my insurance will approve another surgery.

    • Betsy1120


      I know your pain. I had a laminectomy, and a fusion of my L1-S1. I was like 11- to 12 years of pain. I did injection, i took 18 therapies, the therapist told me , to talk to a surgeon, did the surgery, and help me little, but my burning sensation running from my lumbar until my toes. Its to much. I wish you feel better.soon.

  • diamond_D


    Spinal injection

  • dovidsabba


    I've had surgery on my back and neck due to ddo

  • dovidsabba


    I was diagnosed app 2 yrs ago and have had spine and neck surgery because of it

  • YeYo82


    Back and neck problems can cause dizziness and loss of balance?

    • Greywolf7000


      that’s what I have and now neuropathy issues but I’m in the early stages so I just booked an appt with a neurologist for proper diagnosis.

  • QuinnOMT


    Not very long. Little less than a month. Currently on Mobic (meloxicam) and cyclobenzaprine for osteoarthritis pain, and it helps a lot more than I'm willing to admit

    • Greywolf7000


      I’m sure there are some unfortunate side affects of those meds I’m trying to avoid prescriptions based on what I’ve read most don’t work long and cause other problems etc

  • mikebowsher


    I take CBD for my back pain from lumbar degenerative disc disease

    • Greywolf7000


      that’s what over been taking lately so far it works well and helps me sleep.

      • Fwd1982


        i was diagnosed about 15 yrs ago I had injections i smoke weed all the time but i still have pain i have tried oxycodone and tramadol they dont work on me and the injections r supposed to last 6 months and it only lasts me a month im 40 yrs old now and im woundering if back surgery will be good for me even though i heard people tell me not to do it cause ur in pain more so i dont know what i should do

  • TiannaJ


    I was diagnosed in 2013 after I hurt myself from picking up a stack of books at age 14. I have a medical background so I know what the injections,surgeries are doing to the body and I've refused to have them done on myself. The ablation has been amazing but doesn't take all the pain away. I go typically a year on one burn for each side. I'm also on long term pain meds and muscle relaxers to help as well. I fell down 7 steps in my home and caused my 4th herniated disc and as long as the ablation help no matter how short it will keep me off the surgery table.

  • Harli


    I was only recently just given that label for my back issue that I've had for years. It got progressively worse and once I got state medical a couple years ago I took advantage of it and starting seeing specialists. I have yet to find someone that truly helps with pain management though.

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