Hey everyone. I just had hardware removed from my back last Monday from my scoliosis surgery 9 years ago. I was doing fine until this very sharp rib pain started up in the right side of my rib cage. Sometimes I feel it start in one specific spot in my back and then wrap around my ribs, sometimes it's just in that one spot in my back, and other times it's just in my ribs. I can't get comfortable sitting or laying. I also have a hard time walking without it flying in and causing me to cripple over and squeal. When it happens while I'm talking, I stop talking because it's that bad. My surgeon was supposed to call today to talk about it but hasn't yet. His one coworker messaged me online and said it's likely nerve pain from the surgery rather than a broken vertebra or something. I just don't know why it's that one spot in my back instead of a different spot though. If anyone has advice or similar experiences, please share. 💜

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    Can I ask why it was removed? I’ve had my hardware in for over half my life now and none of my doctors have ever suggested removal.

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