Do other people worry about coming across as someone who collects illnesses for attention? I've been diagnosed with major depression, GAD, and ADHD, and I'm seeing a new therapist soon because I'm almost certain I also have OCD. I can't help but feel like people quietly judge because they assume I'm faking

Rejection sensitive

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation


acute lethargy

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Cress


    I definitely get this. I have a page long list of symptoms (that has actually grown since I updated it) and I feel like I have to present myself in certain ways to be taken seriously. You’re very much not alone there

  • jam064


    Definitely understsnd. I have several conditions that I've been diagnosed with, as well as some I suspect but don't want to see a doctor about for this exact reason. Balancing the truth with what people are willing to believe can be tricky, especially if the conditions are largely invisible to people who haven't been told specifics. Just remember that you are being honest, you are taking care of yourself, and as Cress said, you are not alone.

  • Chesbro99


    I get that. I worry that there are some people faking it on here just to get more attention or sympathy or something. But I know that's not the norm and just have to see what people say

  • mtngoat


    I totally understand the fear and struggle with it too.

  • tylershep


    Yes I struggle with this fear a lot!! I have some stuff not listed on my profile yet cause I just joined and got tired of adding stuff for now (all professionally diagnosed!!) but the other day I went to the ER for a seizure and the nurses made fun of me and talked amongst themselves (where I could hear) talking about how I must be lying. This was on the day that I had received a call from my dermatologist telling me that I have cancer so I was feeling awful enough as it was

    • wasplord


      oh my, I'm so sorry. That's terrible, if you're able to you should let the hospital know because they will continue to talk about other patients that way until someone complains and it would be better for that to stop sooner than later

  • AnimalBoy


    Yeah im in constant pain, have difficulty standing either due to pain or light headedness, and easily injure myself doing typical everyday tasks but all my testing keeps coming up with either things that only explain the light headedness and fatigue or are outright negative. I think the only reason no one is claiming im faking it so far is that I've never asked to e prescribed painkillers because the only thing that has worked on me is some muscle relaxers my mom used to give me and I don't actually know anything else about them. It's even weirder because my mom does have one of those disorders but it presents in a way where she used her kids to get the attention so I've spent my whole life having to go to doctors over tiny things and any and all diagnosed conditions being paraded around so she could get attention, me and my middle brother were so sickly as kids that we didn't really notice the former part of it, but the latter was really obvious to everyone with how she'd publicly talk about our conditions constantly. I just want to know what's wrong with me and either stop being in pain so I can get a job or get on disability and live my life without worrying that I'm going to end up homeless AND unable to walk.

  • XxLarsxX


    Same here, but remeber weather or not its being faked, its an illness anyway. To hop on that wagon of thinking mental illness is cool and faking it is a mental issue. But i also have the fear.

  • justpeachyqueen


    Oh my goodness I totally relate to this! Especially when they ask me what medications I’m on

  • luteallady


    Yup. I often hide how many conditions I have when filling out paperwork.

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