Is it a bad idea to go on a diet while also dealing with depression?
I've always felt insecure about my weight, and I get worried about my health as well when it comes to what I eat and working out. But my depression makes it extremely hard for me to diet or work out, it just feels like a chore when I try to lose weight, but it also feels like a chore when I'm trying to heal through my depression. I really do want to lose weight to become healthier, but I'm scared to try and make my depression worse.
If you have any advice, suggestions, or can simply relate to my struggle, please comment down below! ❤️


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  • chronicchemist


    Hi there! I have lost almost 50 pounds at this point and I have depression and for the past 3 months had an ovarian cyst that kept me on the couch. Just take a look at what you're eating in a day. I started by cutting out excess sugars from my diet because it make me more bloated and lethargic and just by being aware of the amount of food I was eating and how it made my body feel helped me lose weight while waiting for surgery. I try to focus on foods that can help with my gut. Even in people who are depressed, their gut bacteria can actually be thrown off from a variety of things, so try include more prebiotic and probiotic foods in your diet to help combat this issue. I have a chronic pain condition which is why I started tracking my food carefully, but it could also help your mental health. I also focused on ways to make my body feel better rather than focusing on the pounds lost and you will find more success this way

  • bookworm89


    So I'm not sure if this is helpful or not but I'm the same way, and what I'm doing is trying to work on one of these two things, I personally have a hard to getting motivated to workout and that is something I have no control over. On the other hand I can control how much food I eat by using an app and in the past I lost weight just by controlling how much I eat. So if exercise is not your forte I can suggest trying to control how much you eat/make sure you eat enough every day. Like I was said not sure if this is helpful or not.

  • tayaryland


    I still feel like losing weight is a chore and when I hit 250 lbs I got in a bad relationship and started to develope an eating disorder which made me loose 50lbs quickly so later down the road I ended up in a relationship where I gained weight, now I weigh 310 lbs. I'm not sure if yours has anything to do with this but have you had your thyroid checked? That can cause multiple imbalances. Mine was with weight gain and depression mostly and if you haven't it might be something to look up and ask your doctor about possibly getting your thyroid checked because it might have something to do with weight gain and making depression worse. Also if you don't think you could go a "safe" route for loosing weight with your depression you could bring it to the attention of your doctor's and see if you could take a weight loss shot. That's what I am currently doing. Again, these are only just suggestions.

  • ur_mom8394


    I know it sounds stupid but you should get wii fit. I often have trouble getting motivated but not really with that because it feels like more of a game than an exercise even though it helps. The balance board for it is usually 20-ish dollars but I found mine for 11

  • karlielewis93


    When I am depressed I loose weight then I feel really down that I can't sometimes eat

  • strawberrypoundcake


    A lot of times my medications for various things have really affect my weight and my metabolism so don’t get discouraged you’re amazing

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