As a teen I had bad acne. After 20+ years with almost none, it returned in the form of acne and probably rosacea around the age of 43, during a stressful life moment (divorce/job issues). 4 years later and despite dietary changes, various types of creams, treatments, and medications, nothing seems to help. Maybe someone here can? :)

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  • Weiss


    I wish I could help you because I also need the help. 😥 My cystic acne is so bad. I didn't even have bad acne during my teenage years... This was triggered from thick cotton masks in military bootcamp. Wearing it from morning to night, only taking it off to eat or shower. Those were the rules. Ugh... It's so frustrating. Have you found any relief at all?

    • Skyew


      not yet, trying different dietary changes, a coupe of highly recommended (on Amazon) soap and lotion products, let’s see what those do. Sorry about you’re having to be forced to wear a mask so much

      • Weiss


        Well, I was injured in bootcamp so I'm no longer in the military. Now I live with the stress of trying to get them to compensate for what they did to me, my injuries are permanent and severe. Gotta love it. But those months of training with a mask on seemed to have just started my future of the worst breakouts. Like a domino effect. My spine is jacked up. I don't go that many places so no more mask. But I do I feel for teenagers at school and their typical acne.

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