Anyone else have such a strange sleep cycle it's hard to put yourself in a box to talk about it with health professionals? (curious abt others recent schedules) For me it's been rotating in what I can only equate to the lunar cycle, the faces of the moon changing. its like it's spinning around the days when I'm asleep and when I'm not. New & full moons being normal & nocturnal sleep schedules, I'm just shining more and more each day, never falling asleep or waking up at the same time. Definitely one of my stranger "schedules"



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  • alyssa25


    I always sleep during the day and everyone always tells me to get some sleep at night and I cannot for some reason no matter how tired I am at night my body only allows me to sleep during the day

  • sleepyk12


    I relate to the weird sleep schedule issues.... I keep cycling between sleeping almost an entire day and then being awake for a day. I never am able to go to bed or wake up at the same time naturally, and I rely heavily on alarms to get to work/school. I'm even sleeping through my alarms recently, though. It's been frustrating because I can't pin down what's actually causing the issue... although I'm assuming it has something to do with poor sleep quality or sleep debt I have racked up over the years. Currently missing a lot of work and school due to my inconsistent sleep.

    • MeeB333


      ~ SAME!! I can’t work because of health issues, but I have the same problem… Literally was just saying this to 2 of my docs in the last week; how I know I (have never, so) will never sleep like a normal person because it’s both too much & too little in the same wk! :-/

      • MeeB333


        Sucks, i know! But, nice 2 know we’re not alone in this struggle!! ❤️

  • Erai


    It might be that your body is running on a 28 hour cycle unlike most people's 24. I had this problem but something called polyphasic sleep helped me, specifically the Siesta, as it's the easiest one.

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