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Any advice on how to maintain consistent eating when you’re newly responsible for cooking/buying most or all of your meals? I’ve been able to improve a lot over the past few years at college since all of my meals were provided through dining halls and I didn’t have to do any prep work (when I’m home I make excuses to avoid food, but at school it’s harder to make excuses when it’s all ready in front of you and no additional cost) but this year I’ll be more responsible for my own meal prep for most meals. I feel like I’ll go back to old habits and avoid food again which then usually sends me into a further spiral, and I’m not sure how to avoid it.

    • Tornadogirl5


      Making cooking a fun experience could give you an excuse to make food! For me, cooking as become very fun as I listen to a podcast while I try a new recipe. However, if you are short on time you might want to consider things you like that take minimal time (sandwiches, microwave meals, pasta, skillet meals, etc). I hope all goes well on this new stage of your food journey :) I myself am in college and sometimes I get toxic thoughts in my head of like “wow I’ll be so skinny when I finally get off of this meal plan” and “I hope im so broke after college that I don’t have enough money to buy all the food I usually eat”. This is a really niche struggle that I also have felt. You got this!

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