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2y ago

Do tics affect your balance?

Does anyone else have tics that throw off their balance? I've dealt with both motor and vocal tics for close to 3 years now, but I've noticed that some of my motor tics (I have a lot that cause my head to jerk suddenly, so that may be part of it) cause me to lose my balance or feel disoriented, especially if I'm walking. I'm not sure if this has to do with my tics in general, or if it's just the motion throwing me off? (I have fairly poor balance to begin with but it has never effected day-to-day tasks enough to be a concern. not sure if that could be a part of too.) So I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar.

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1y ago

I have a bunch of miner ones like if I stand for to long my nes will buckle out form under me as just one example


2y ago

I also have bad balance and have noticed this with my head jerking tics.

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