Does anyone have any tips for living/going to school successfully with ADHD? I just got diagnosed earlier this year (I’m a senior in high school) and I feel lost. I have no actual study habits or organization systems in place and I want to do well in college.

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  • 100Percent_K


    Look into accessibility services at the school you’re looking to go to! They can set you up with accommodations you personally need and it can be a huge help with a new diagnosis 🤗

    • Modris


      Thank you! I currently have a 504 in place and it’s been a huge help so far. I’ll keep looking into colleges for the future for similar things.

  • Calypso_


    Work within your own organization systems I had it diagnosed when I was little. Despite so many different imposed methods of organization I find that finding it yourself and wanting to do that for yourself is empowering you have to follow your instincts. Think everyday what you need to get done keep it mapped out on your mind

  • Frapples


    College is a great place to try shit out. Like every pinterest blog about ADHD, try it. I loved college because I function better with a million things to do. I can spend as much time on a project until it's done or I'm bored of it, then just move into a different project. With new projects every week. Was a good time. If you use accessibility offices, you might also be able to get your syllabus/work ahead of time to either give you more time to finish them, or like focus all on one class. Everyone's brain is a little different so you just gotta learn how to nudge your brain where it needs to go 🤷‍♂️

  • Heaven197987


    Start with list that you'll look at it on your phone, find a good calming exercises for morning routine, yes caffeine less sugar

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