I have a question the doctor that diagnosed me with PCOS told me nothing about it. Anything help.

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Moondog


    It's a hormonal disorder that causes enlarged ovaries with cysts along the outer side of the ovaries. It causes higher levels of male hormones called androgens. I recommend seeing a gynecologist as they are typically more versed in pcos than other doctors.

    • Ivy_Wolf


      the thing is my doctor said I would never have kids. And that scares me.

      • Moondog


        some people with pcos do end up having kids. Heck, my aunt has pcos and has 5 kids. Sometimes they struggle to get pregnant so have to see a doctor for hormone treatment. Nothing is ever set in stone. I suggest finding a doctor that supports you and listens to your concerns and helps you.

      • Cheylo


        it may be harder for people with PCOS to become pregnant but not impossible. They're hormone supplements you can be put on while TTC and during pregnancy, IVF, surrogacy. A lot of options. And a lot of women are still able to get pregnant just fine with PCOS.

  • animalfriends


    I've had lots of friends that have had children and have PCOS. It sometimes takes more time and the help of an OBGYN. I've also read before that it's suspected that people with PCOS also tend to be able to get pregnant easier during the latter part of the childbirth years and even into their 40s.

  • mandabean


    I found that an Endocrinologist was much more helpful than my OBGYN with explaining and treating my PCOS.

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