does vyvanse make you more hungry? me and my brother both take it and he is barley hungry and I am always hungry.

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  • Noma


    i think it is used to treat certain eating disorders so it can impact a persons eating patterns pretty badly. Usually ADHD meds make a person less hungry, but im sure it can work the other way around for some people. discuss it with your psychiatrist or primary care provider when you get the chance.

  • lion.2022


    I take vyvanse not only for my ADD, but for my binge eating disorder as well. It decreases my hunger so I don’t eat as much. But it’s important to be careful because it’s really easy to forget to eat during the day.

  • strugglebus


    Ever since I started taking it it really helped me get my appetite back. I used to have a really difficult time eating because of past medications and I couldn't ever improve my eating habits, but when I started taking Vyvanse I almost immediately started eating more

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