I found out that I carry the BRCA1 gene which was passed down by my mother. SHE had breast cancer twice and made it through both times. her second time she ended up getting a hysterectomy,double mastectomy,and she ended up getting breast reconstruction using her stomach fat and her lat muscles on her back. this was back in 2007 so the treatments and surgeries have only improved. I am 28,and I have not had kids yet(still unsure) and Im considering getting a double mastectomy now.. I have only had a mammogram where they found something(glandular tissue)that is abnormal but they just said that "we will check on it in 6 months)... my doctor explained that a mastectomy can reduce my chances greatly.. im just looking for some advice. my mother sadly does not like to talk about this stuff..

Genetic susceptibility to malignant neoplasm of breast

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  • Taty


    I just found out today I have the brca1 gene as well let’s chat?

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