How do y'all deal with the heat intolerance. I have twin two year olds who love to play outside but in this heat I just can't stand it for very long. I hate feeling like I'm disappointing them 😣

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • phelpsC


    I feel the same way. I hate that I can't do all of the things that I used to. I tend to "fake it" the best I can: but it really effects me for the rest of the day. 😔

  • NelCat


    When they get older they will understand why you couldn't. There will be times where you CAN do plenty of things with your kids- it just won't be everything always. I would focus on those moments more. ❤️

  • MSowleyes


    Contact NMSS, get an MS navigator, a note from your doctor confirming your dx, ask about an Ice vest. Sometimes you can even get the kits including a scarf or hat. The program runs out but cycles, may take a month or 2. Trust me looking dorky is worth it so you can survive over 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit without it pushing you into a relapse. I can do 100 degrees for about 3 hours safely if I use the stronger Coolermax packs from Polar Products, hydrate a ton and sit in the shade. Not walking around in that but I can survive evening concerts in the park as long as I am careful. I can walk my husky with it over 80 degrees as long as humidity isn't high too. No judging, husky must be walked for sanity if the household even on warmer days. Trust me, he does amazing and we rest as needed and I carry water for us both. Service dog in training.

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