I've been debating applying for disability lately. I looked it up and peripheral neuropathy is one of the conditions that qualify...but some days I feel like I'm overreacting or maybe just being dramatic....but then I have days like today where my feet literally feel like I have dipped them in lava.
Anyone else apply for disability because of this? What was the outcome?

Peripheral Neuropathy

Generalized pain

Disturbance of skin sensation


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  • Phy201


    I'm in the process of trying right now. I figure it can't hurt to try.

  • AzabethSiege


    I'm not sure my husband will be supportive of this I really gotta make sure I have my case planned out in my head before I bring it to him. He seems to think if I just get up and move it'll get better....and I tell him no amount of walking, running, working, going to make nerve damage go away and this is a permanent thing. *Sigh*

    • kateafranklin


      oh no. That breaks my heart to hear.

    • Greywolf7000


      fortunately I’ve been hearing good things using infrared red light therapy in reversing and healing the nerves!

  • Angelbaby49


    I am in the process of going through the approval process right now for SSI. I have been sent to their drs for physicals which left me feeling almost like I was exaggerating my symptoms. I had an EMG for neuropathy and was told it was not detected and is coming from my brain and that it would not heal until my brain fully heals which may or may not happen. All I know is that I really need help. I can’t survive with this pain and with no money besides what I get from social service. I’m praying for a miracle for all of us🙏🏽 Didn’t know neuropathy was considered a condition that was acceptable to use. Thanks for the info and please keep us posted on your journey

  • RJT


    I have three doctors that do not want me working and l have not been working since January of 2020 and l am still fighting with disability to get approved to this very day. We are almost into 2023 and all l do is go to doctor on a weekly basis but disability feel l can go to work

    • AzabethSiege


      that's what worries me! My husband just started his new job, which in a few months will pay very well....but from what I have read, you have to not work for at least a year....and I screwed that up when I tried to go back after COVID...I could have had my year already. 😥 I'm so frustrated.

  • AzabethSiege


    I totally understand feeling like you're exaggerating. I feel like a cry baby most days. My husband just thinks I'm lazy, which is so hurtful. He's had chronic pain for years, after 13 knee in his brain, no one can hurt like he does.

  • Capt.ahab


    I tried applying for disability for a year and half got nowhere. Could not get all the doctors to agree that it’s neoropothy. I gave up, that was using a specialized lawyer firm. The bottom of my feet is numb, can only stand to work 2 nights a week

  • Vance


    I almost tried this. I heard disability benefits requires a disability hearing from a judge.

  • RJT


    I have my doctor actually is the one the told me to apply for it and l have been fighting with disability since January of 2020 to get approved. My doctor is refusing me to go back to work because l work for the post office.

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