i was diagnosed with hEDS in late 2020, but recently ive been dealing with increasingly worse stomach issues, and im starting to suspect gastroparesis. im getting full really fast, ill get extremely nauseous, my mouth starts salivating and my stomach cramps like im going to vomit but never do. my appetite is really low already, and the stomach issues have made me afraid to eat. should i go to a gastroenterologist or to my geneticist? and how should i bring it up to my doctor?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • katehall


    I am so sorry. I 100% recommend going to a GI, and see if your geneticist can recommend someone who is familiar with gastroparesis. I would also ask for the TrioSmart home test that your doctor can order to test for SIBO as well.

    • LeeannD


      100% agree with this!

  • CyberZombie


    Hey! I hear you! I have this same issue. I tried everything from nausea meds to scopolamine patches. They did nothing and made my vision worse. I ended up malnutritioned and only a few months left going down that road, until my mother went ahead and did the unthinkable. She gave me marijuana. It shot my quality of life up exponentially. I could drink water were I couldnt before, and eat foods that weren't okay I'm my stomach before. I've suffered from this since I was a kid but never got diagnosed until 2016. My mother thought I had cancer until it all went into remission. My GI doctor was ready to give me experimental meds that would have made my intestines die off. The best thing I can say is go to a doctor what specializes in marijuana. Get a card and get your life back in your hands. It wasnt fair how I had to live and it definitely isn't fair how you have to. We as humans are meant to conquer the world. Not have it crush us. ❤

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