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Does anyone else have problems during doctor's appointments because of brain fog?? I had one yesterday and wrote down everything I wanted to tell and ask him beforehand but when I got in there my comprehension went out the window. He would ask me to describe a symptom and how long it usually occurs and I just could not verbalize properly, I felt like he was a bit irritated about it. I forgot to ask him an important question and had to wait until he finished his next appointment for the nurse to ask him. All the tests and measurements they put me through at the beginning of doctor visits always triggers my symptoms (dizziness, brain fog, etc) and it didn't help that this was a consultation at a new location so I was super nervous. Bad all around lol Any tips for managing brain fog during appointments??

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      Same here. Best thing I've managed to go through was to just bring a family member with me, that way it's more understandable to the doctor. Otherwise, scheduling around the fog helps a ton. My brain fog is worse in the mid-afternoon thanks to my sundowning so I tend to do early mornings instead. If it's weather-related then checking the weather app would be great if the appointment can be done soon enough. Worse comes to worse (for me at least), bringing something really cold with you surprisingly helps, like an ice pack or frozen water bottle. If you aren't feeling comprehensive then placing it at the back of your neck brings an ounce of attention back.

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