Hey everyone! I have emetophobia and I almost always feel nauseated. Is it just me?

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  • sprucee


    Hi! Idk if it’s any comfort but I feel the exact same way, the stress over the possibility of being nauseous always makes me nauseous which makes me more stressed, and it’s so easy to become anxious over so many things with this phobia because of how connected it is with physical sensations and emotions. It sucks a lot to have to feel that way so often so I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing that too

    • Mooneia


      Hey, emetophobia totally sucks, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one:) Thanks!

  • zeroooo


    You’re not alone. I’ve suffered from it for so long and theres so many people out there that are just like us. I suffer from gastritis, acid reflux, chronic constipation and possibly IBS-C. I always get really bad stomach aches which triggers me to panic. I think what’s making you nauseous is your anxiety because thats how I always feel whenever I’m anxious, unless if you have a medical problem. I hope this helps!!

  • SmileySnail


    Not just you, me too. A fair bit of my nausea is compounded nausea from also being anxious about being nauseous. Haven't figured out how to fix it yet, but distraction helps a bit

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