has anyone had issues with hypersexuality that has effected their relationships? That can mean sexual incompatibility with your partner or even cheating. Have any other issues come up for you regarding hypersexual thoughts and behaviors? I'm just going through my own stuff right now and am hoping I'm not alone in this.
who knows, maybe I am...

Excessive sexual drive

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  • Benji1976


    Yes! Initially, I thought it was rejection of me. But I think it's just not normal to always be "on." Has affected relationships. Dramatically. Never cheated. Always loyal, but just a feeling of false rejection. How about you?

    • klazikel


      I hate to admit it, but I have cheated a few times. I just don't match with my partners libido. I love him and we've been together for 20+ yrs, but sometimes it feels like I'm a freak who can't turn it off and can't get the satisfaction I crave. I have resorted to flirting online and messaging strangers to avoid actually physically stepping out of the relationship.

      • Benji1976


        Well, I understand. I get it. You've grown. You're aware. Use that.

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