recently I have had gross hematuria ( visible blood in urine) ER can't figure out why. I have none to very little pain.
my wbc count is increased. no sign of bacteria or infection. ketones and leukocytes slightly elevated with little protein as well.... no scabs were completed.
just curious if anyone has had similar and what they've discovered. thanks for any type of headway to solving this. I have an appointment with urologist in two weeks

Generalized pain

Blood in Urine

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  • Ashlee7733


    I’ve been having the same thing, but I have BIL in it as well in high amounts. It started off as me constantly thinking I had UTIs but nothing would grow in the cultures when I’d send them off at my job (I work in OBGYN) the NP I work pointed me to go to urology and nephrology and due to my liver damage and (BIL being present) hepatology. I hope this helps

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