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even though it's a bit more unlikely to get diagnosed at an older age I was diagnosed just a bit before my 21at birthday back in 2018. I'm 25 now. I've gone from doctor to doctor and moved around a bunch. finally got settled in a good place and feel like I can truthfully focus on myself and my health. I'd been at an a1c of about 11 for the last 3 years. now I'm at an 8 and slowly but surely learning how to manage much better. can't wait till I'm better enough to manage this and get a pump. (currently been told until I get more used to my sugars and insulin levels that I can't get one yet for a risk and fear of lows) but does anyone have a recommendation for pumps?

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      I personally am on the omnipod and am about to go onto the omnipod 5 (the newest model). the two choices u rlly have are omnipod and tandem. they both now have a closed loop system that connects to ur dexcom if u do have that. so that basically means the pump will read the sugars from ur dexcom and dose accordingly. u still have to give urself insulin for meals but ur background basal will be in check. having a pump with a closed system will have ur a1c on track. but the omnipod is tubeless and bulky while the tandem has a tube and is flatter to the skin but the pdm is attached to the tube

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