So, I’ve been taking Adderall to help with my adhd for about 6 years now and idk if this is just me dealing with my depression or not but I’ve noticed that I can’t function or do anything productive if I don’t take my meds… does anyone else struggle with this and do you have any suggestions to help?


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  • Irelan


    Yeah, I've been on mine for a while and I know that if one day I take it, I'm energized. The next, I can't do anything. I can't even get out of bed. I don't know exactly what yo suggest, maybe reading or listening to music because even I don't know how to cope without it. I will ask my doctor though because u have a appt tomorrow and I have a few questions too.

  • Willow15


    Me to. I've become completely reliant on my meds. I will sleep and eat all day without them. Not doing anything

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