Has anyone had surgery to correct their hypermobility? I had reconstructive surgery on both knees. Specifically called MPFL reconstructive surgery. Left knee in 2012 right one in 2019. It was rough especially the first one but so worth it!

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Chronic Pain

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  • Bubbl3s


    Yeah ive had a tibial tuberosity transfer on my left knee in 2016 and im about to have a second major surgery, they pretty much said they will decide when they open my knee up but its going to be one of these 3 options and hopefully my knee will no longer be didlocated and i can bend it. Im so glad your surgery helped you. did it fix the issue or was it the best they could do in a bad situation??

    • fibrozombie


      It fixed it!

      • Bubbl3s


        thats amazing. Knee problems really do affect everything

  • TattsCatsNaps


    They nearly did on my spine. I have dehydration in my whole lower discs which caused a slipped disc with no trigger. It was close but they chose not too. Maybe if it played up again they might consider it 💕

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