Ok so I don't really know how to do this because I've never really asked for help like this before but I've been having a lot of anxiety and I've been stressing a lot even over little things.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • BrookieCookie22


    Unfortunately, I do the same exact thing. My mind races over every little small thing that truly shouldn't matter. What I've tried to do, is focus on a hobby for at least 30 minutes a night to help me unwind before bed. I have also found that journaling the things that are bothering me helps. It makes it feel like I am releasing the thing that is bothering me.

  • doglover2899


    I do the same thing. Depending on what time of day would determine how to help. If it's all the time, having something else to focus on would help (like a fidget toy or something else you could hold). If it's mostly at night, then I would suggest doing something you love that can be done in bed so your body can physically and emotionally start to relax before sleep. Personally, I read for 30-45 minutes before bed and I don't use my phone unless absolutely necessary.

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