I've been having a hard time making friends. Every time I've been asked to hang out with someone new my anxiety kicks in and I start having all these overwhelming thoughts of what if they don't like me, what of they don't show up, what if they do show up and they are not who they say they are, basically just over thinking. it's really stopped me making new friends and being able to get out of the house.. I don't know what to do

Social Anxiety

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  • BubbleGumBratz


    Be yourself boo! That's helped me a whole lot

    • Venus.A


      you completely missed the point of my post and that's not helpful at all. Clearly you've never dealt with real anxiety because that's not how it works.

      • BubbleGumBratz


        being as I sat by myself all throughout school and have serious social anxiety from that I think that's an u fair judgment. I was just trying to help. Sorry for trying to be kind. Have a nice day

  • luvli


    u just have to remember that you’re the one telling yourself these things, when i have conversations without thinking too much about how i’m acting or if they like me it feels more natural and fun, but when i start to think about it, that’s when i start to shut down and be quiet. im still working on it, it goes away n comes back but it all comes from within you. <3

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