I am jnot dx with ASD. But I am fairly certain I am on the spectrum. How does a 30yr old enby (fab) get people to listen? I have a therapist that I talk to, maybe I should ask her? Idk, sometimes I feel like I'm totally Autistic and other times I feel like maybe I'm just an imposter. 😖

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • ShayBerry


    I started by bringing it up to my therapist! I shared why I believed I was on the spectrum and my fears of feeling like an imposter. She was very supportive in my seeking a diagnosis and referred me to an office that could begin the diagnostic process! It was really scary to bring up. I was afraid no one would believe me and that I was just faking it and making my “symptoms” fit. But when I faced that fear and did it anyways I was treated with respect and was listened to. I’m incredibly great full for my therapist in this aspect. But also I knew I had an established relationship with her and that she would not shoot me down for no reason. So look for that in yours. I suggest writing a list of reasons why you relate or identify with the diagnosis. Do so over time, research it and not just the standard. Listen to other autistic people speak on their experiences and see in what ways you identify and write those down. YouTube and Ted talks I’m 28 years old and was diagnosed this year. I wish so much I’d known sooner but I’m so great full I have the information now and not much later in my life. I wish you luck and send love ❤️

  • ShayBerry


    I will say though, I suspicious for years that I was ASD. But when I went to do my first full panel Psychological evaluation, the man doing my test said unprompted, “Well I know you don’t have autism so we’ll skip that” and skipped all questions for the segment. He’d spent less than an hour with me. It made me feel like a fool for ever thinking I was on the spectrum and really hindered my progress. I wish I had had the courage to tell him, “No I would like to look into that as well.” It held me from my diagnosis for another year and some. Don’t let a negligent individual define you. If they do not take the proper time and care and give proper evaluation, then their words do not hold weight. You’ve got this!

  • kyleighanne


    Honestly I am in the same boat. I don't want to bring it up to anyone because I feel ashamed. I work with special needs kids and I see so much of myself in them it's hard to not think I'm autistic. I go to my therapist tomorrow and I'm not sure what to say...

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